Lots of action

I was out of bed before 05:00 as there was no rain, only a few clouds which eventually blocked the moon. Our walk was 7/2 with the full quota of circuits. Isabella and Skinny had good fun together and we were back in the camping by 07:00.

I fed the cats then prepared my bike for a ride to Krios. The road was much nicer than the past two days thanks to drier conditions. The sea of mud miraculously retreated leaving a reasonable surface to ride on. I went up and around as I fancied the view from on high. I didn’t have a lot of battery left or I might have gone back the same way. Instead, I continued via Vlisidis back to the camping on the lower route.

It’s not a very clear image but it gives the idea. The total distance is 10.3km and it took around 26 minutes.

It was 07:40 when I got back to the camping so I set about preparing breakfast and reading the news. The Al Jazeera news was on whilst I was out as I know how much the dogs appreciate a little news in my absence.

With breakfast out of the way, I got on with nothing much in particular and enjoyed the sun which had now appeared. The temperature was chilly when I was out on my bike, only just above 10℃. With the sun, we were able to manage 20℃ until the sky clouded over.

There was much business in the camping with strimmer technicians hard at work creating mess and dust, men preparing the main bathroom for painting and Xanthippos equally hard at work on the new showers. These are making good progress as they now have a roof although no doors as yet. I’m informed there are materials outstanding from Mr Polychronis who keeps promising but not delivering. Georgia was in the camping giving her team a pep talk so I carefully retreated back inside so as not to become embroiled. Apparently, Georgia was having a moan at Xanthippos about lack of progress so he got Polychronis on the phone for her to have a go at. A cunning move Mr Xanthippos!

The day progressed, I played with my electrical equipment and checked my battery voltages to see they are equal. I carried out some programming to the inverter but it’s a bit of a blunt instrument when it comes to the charging profile for LifePo4 cells. It is now attached to the side of the van adjacent to the batteries.

I asked Xanthippos if he intended taking Georgia’s dogs out however he was so engrossed in his work that he told me to go and he’d take hers tomorrow. The Evening Walk was unremarkable but enjoyable as it was light and even a little sunny. The chilly northerly wind is still chilly however there is now less of it so it appears warmer. The showers threatened by the forecast didn’t materialise and we are promised warmer and drier weather tomorrow with temperatures over 20℃ on Saturday! This is when the wind takes a temporary rest from blowing from the north.

The smell of woodsmoke indicates the fact that Georgia is camped out in the New Room enjoying the heat of the wood burner. She arrived at the end of the day probably to inspect the progress of the workforce. She is likely to hold court for a while before disappearing back to her mother’s.

I shall sneak out under cover of darkness to switch off the water heater which should have heated up sufficiently to provide water for this evening and tomorrow morning. The boiler is still not working. Georgia is watching TV with a roaring fire in between a series of phone calls I have no doubt. The water was hotter but I will postpone my shower until the morning as the main bathrooms are chilly and poorly lit due to the need to replace a couple of tubes in the light fittings.

I hear that the WHO has decided the Corona Virus is now a Global Pandemic: the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

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