The Early Walk was dark, dry and uneventful. We did as yesterday with 7/2 but the first round of the second half was strict walking on the lead so as to speed things up and give Isabella practice at walking nicely. Skinny has already mastered that art so long as he’s not allowed a long lead and the chance to wander at will to sniff each blade of grass and leaf. I put Skinny on the long lead so that he and Isabella could expend some energy during the second circuit. And they did. We were back at the camping by 07:00 which was good as I wanted to go out for a ride up the mountain. My bike battery was more than 80% full so I set off towards Sklavopoula. The wind had got up and was not only cold but against me. I felt the ride might turn into a marathon so turned back and went round to Krios in compensation for a truncated ride. The Odometer on my bike rolled over to 1,000km as I turned around at Krios.

I was back at the camping by 7:40 so prepared my breakfast whilst listening to the news. It was much more blustery than earlier. After breakfast, and for a major part of the day, I amused myself configuring Janne’s new email accounts and getting everything to deliver to the correct accounts. There were other little configuration things too.

This was until I spied an Austrian motorhome parked by reception so I walked up to welcome them. An older couple who wish to stay for one night. They are down by the bar in a sheltered spot as it’s likely to be windy tonight. A Moroccan guy appeared at reception who wanted a room for a month or so. I tried to contact Georgia to no avail but suspected she didn’t want anyone during the preparation phase for the beginning of the season. Eventually, Maria managed to track Georgia down and the answer was as I suspected.

After other chores such as feeding cats, clearing rubbish from the bin at the bottom of the camping where I’d failed to replace the bag, it was time to walk the dogs. Other than the wind, it was a pleasant walk in the sunshine. Georgia phoned as we were on our way back to say someone would be coming to stay in T3 tomorrow and asked me to put the key in the door for them. Doubtless some friends of acquaintances.

It’s still light at 18:40 so Spring is springing. The clocks will go forward in two-and-a-half weeks so the mornings will be darker. Not too many clock changes to go before we stick to one time all year around.

I’d better find something to eat, go for a shower and then call it a day!


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