The day started off as expected and the walk was exactly like the previous day. The moon was virtually overhead so I didn’t need my torch except to bury the odd deposit in a shady location. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars were all out and about too.

I came back and went off to Paleochora for some grocery shopping as the fridge was extremely empty. I’d planned to have a shower before shopping but the forecast indicated the wind would strengthen so I postponed the shower until my return.

When I arrived back at the camping, the delightful Xanthippos greeted me with a barrage of shouting even before my bike had stopped. He was ranting about a motorhome parked near to the bar. I explained it was there for one night and told him to get on with something else. At which point, I simply walked away and left him chuntering on. Having unloaded my shopping, I went over for a shower and he’d calmed down by this time but I’m fed up with his behaviour so decided to ignore him and not respond to his questions. He was even less pleased when I ignored his more rational enquiry on my way back. I just kept walking and I now know how to really annoy him. Especially as he had a coworker standing next to him. I looked out later to see him playing nicely with his little friend getting on with some other work as I’d suggested. The customers left by 10:15 however he didn’t start work down by the bar until the afternoon.

Georgia phoned to ask if I’d have a conversation with the tech support guy at the main boiler distribution company in Thessalonika. He is a nice chap who spent a year or so in London. I sent him the error messages and photos of the flu(e) installation. We talked again later and I checked some other connectors and pipes. We agreed to deal with all aspects of the repair process between us as it’s too slow and painful reporting to Georgia and then the installer. The boiler manufacturer is in South Korea so their technical representative has been recalled due to The Lurgy. I said I was happy to do whatever is required as the unreliability is severely annoying.

I dealt with some IT work continuing with the database move from last weekend and then it was time for the Evening Walk.

The Rug, the German Shepherd which occasionally appears in the camping, was lurking on Anonáki Beach as we approached the fence. There was an initial barking spree then we all walked up towards the Promontory. The Rug was determined to come with us so I just went with the flow and continued. We had a very pleasant sit at the end of the Promontory and the dogs eventually stopped barking and settled down. I’d let Isabella off the lead to see how she got on with The Rug. She had plenty to say when on the lead and with the others however she was more reserved when able to get nearer. I also left Luis off and was amused to see such a small dog attempting to intimidate a huge dog who could chew him up and spit out the fluff! He eventually lost interest and lay down in the sand. We walked back together. The Rug followed us all the way back to the camping so I attached the dogs to the fence and shepherded the Shepherd through the compound and into the camping. She is hanging around near Georgia’s dogs which I can still hear barking.

I was overdressed for the walk and have now actually removed a layer! At 20:30 its still 19.4℃ with today’s high 23.6℃. It was 30℃ with the tent door open wide.

I’d planned to eat spinach tonight as it looked very good at the supermarket but I think that can wait until tomorrow as I cannot be bothered with all that washing. Lentils, carrots, potatoes and peppers are in the pot and should be ready fairly soon.

I understand there’s a bit of a Global Pandemic… Mr Trump was with the Brazilian President who has now confirmed he has The Lurgy. Trump, naturally, is downplaying the incident and is immune anyway.

The Rug. Daft as a brush and twice as soppy but sounds the part when I cycle past her home.

Kirsti emailed to say they have just arrived back in Finland however people have The Lurgy there too so they’re keeping out of the way by a lake far from the madding crowds. She says she misses Crete.


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