Spring has sprung?

The alarm has moved to 04:45 so that I manage to avoid a big change in two weeks time when the clocks go forward. It’s nicer to go back by five or ten minutes than an hour in one hit. It will be good to be out later in the evening as the present walk time is 17:00 but I will need to get more organised or it will be bedtime before I know it.

The Early Walk was a carbon copy and was uneventful. I enjoy walking through the field at the beginning of the second walk as I can hear the birds singing loudly. The dawn chorus is in full flood and the sun has just risen as we come back.

I rode as far as the cemetery and turned back as I wasn’t up for a longer ride. I went down to Krios and then back to the camping. I spent a little time with my computer before preparing my breakfast. Still messing around with Exchange databases.

It was soon time for my weekly call home where we discussed current topics.

The afternoon was warm and sunny with an inside temperature over 30℃ and an outside high just over 24℃. Tomorrow will also be warm before we revert to more normal seasonal temperatures.

There was an enquiry for a tent plus two people for next week so it will be interesting if that comes to pass. I think the camping is going to need to nurture the customers this summer as they may be fewer than usual.

I’ve washed my spinach which was intended for last night to discover there’s quite a bit of it so more tomorrow. Green, leafy vegetables are the way to go! I shall put it on to cook when out with the dogs so that I can stay ahead of the game otherwise it gets a little late to be eating so soon before bed.

The dogs have mostly slept the day away although there has been a little unrest towards the new mother who eats like a horse. I think she has hidden her babies amongst the pile of leaves stacked in the storeroom. We’ll know more in a couple of weeks when they open their eyes and become more mobile.

The Evening Walk was enjoyable but I still needed my not-so-heavy fleece. There were people about as it was relatively early for a Saturday evening. We encountered a couple with a small, white dog however they were sensible enough to gather it up and go another direction. More people were wandering on Grammeno Beach but it’s been a warm, sunny day so it’s good to see people out enjoying themselves.

The dogs have now been fed and my supper is still under pressure in The Pot. I have the cats to feed and then I’m done for the day. Some lunatic is playing the chainsaw nearby cutting wood for the fire no doubt. How long will it be before people stop burning things to keep warm? At least with the current travel situation there are fewer planes to pollute the skies.

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