Locked Down!

The day started in the usual fashion with The Early Walk which was uneventful. Skinny and Isabella had a lot of fun on the second half and we returned as usual.

I took my bike for a ride up the mountain and then to Krios. It was clear and cool with a terrific view.

There was little activity in the camping today. Georgia was about and came to see me to tell me that the camping would be closed until 30 April. We talked outside and stood 2m from each other. The cleaning and readiness activities would continue and then we’d wait and see what happens. The authorities have decided that all bars, restaurants, campings and hotels would remain closed until 30 April. All non-essential travel is prohibited so we’re supposed only to go out for food shopping at the supermarket, the pharmacy, doctor or other medical appointment.

Georgia has been told to go home and self-isolate by her personal physician as, with her pre-existing condition, a bout of The Lurgy could be very dangerous. The only remaining customer on the camping whose husband has been away for the past month has very limited lung function meaning The Lurgy would most likely be fatal. Her husband is attempting to get to Crete from Germany in the next few days.

I discovered that the mystery customers who arrived yesterday were Elene, Dimitra and Fanis. They came in a different car and with a dog which threw me. I went over for a chat and they met Isabella and Skinny who they’d not seen on previous visits. Fanis is an EMT and works from Chania hospital. He arranged my first operation, visited me and took me out for a trip one evening. He managed to bump into me when I came for my outpatient appointment for my hand and pointed me to the correct waiting area. He tells me The Lurgy is now on Crete with three confirmed cases in Heraklion however he has reason to believe there are many more asymptomatic people.

We will need to wait until we have more information but I think Georgia accepts this summer could be much quieter than usual and likely to be locals or Greeks from the mainland as foreign travel could still be affected well into the summer. Businesses with loans to service or other liabilities could be seriously affected. Likewise, there will be reduced demand for seasonal workers and the consequent reduction of incomes generally.

Georgia says she plans to close and lock the camping gates from tomorrow.

Today has been warm and sunny with a high of 23℃.

A quiet few weeks and summer sounds ideal to me but that’s purely from my personal, selfish point of view.

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