How windy!

The forecast wind got up in the night and greeted us in the morning as we got up. It wasn’t too blowy out on the Promontory however the dogs were less than energetic so I was relieved when we completed the second lap and the first lot could go back to the van to watch the news. Having carefully opened one of the wire panels in the fence, I saw that another panel had been removed further up. I have reason to believe that a pickup parked near to the location of the missing panel might have something to do with its disappearance. Not having to open the fence each time we go out for a walk will make life much easier.

The second walk was far more energetic than the first. Skinny and Isabella enjoyed themselves with their usual vigorous play. It worked because all of the dogs remained reasonably quiet for much of the day. It was not very warm but it was very windy. The wind continues to blow hard and the forecast is for it to even more blown tomorrow. The forecast warns of gusts of over 120km/h in exposed locations which should probably translate to gusts to 95km/h on the camping. Wednesday should be calm although not warm.

The Cold War ended when Xanthippos came to the gate bearing a couple of packages for me an one for himself. He was taking delivery of a CCTV camera which he wants to put at home on his balcony. I set the camera up using the camping’s WiFi. The camera works well and Xanthippos was impressed with his purchase. It’s a wireless camera which requires the Internet to see it from elsewhere. I tried to explain the difference between a wireless network and the Internet. I suspect I may find myself being dragged up to chez Xanthippos to set it up for him.

I’ve been on boiler duty again today and have chatted to the technical guy at the importers. He explained they’d had a response from South Korea and sent out some replacement components today. He laughed when I said I’d look forward to seeing the happy, smiling face of the installer once again. Hopefully, this upgrade will finally make the boiler reliable. At least we have six weeks to test it without any customers being present.

I took my bike to Krios via the greenhouses. It was an exciting ride because of the wind and I certainly wouldn’t wish to be out riding right now. People appeared to be moving around as normal and I understand that only grocery stores, pharmacies and filling stations will be open as of Tuesday.

My day has not been too busy however I’ve spent some time playing with servers at Inter Sport. I had a call from the Seaford store to say they were having problems but I can’t find a reason for the server rebooting.

The Evening Walk was very blowy and required a coat to keep off the wind and the cold. The dogs didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry but I was glad to be back and to go inside. I even have the heating on and only Obi has decided to remain outside.

The high wind is affecting the power supply and the Pi computer has gone off a couple of times so far. I have to restart The Pot each time the power drops out too. I will eventually get something to eat as I’ve just heard the end of programme beeping.


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