Happy St Patrick’s Day!

It was windy in the night so it was fortunate that I’d carried out some drastic trimming to the carobs which grow near to the upper, metal roof. There was still some bashing by some branches during the more powerful gusts but it was generally survivable. It seemed a lot calmer at getting up time but I still needed a coat when I took the dogs for the Early Walk. They were more enthusiastic than yesterday and the first wave were quickly back in the van in the comparative warmth and out of the wind. The other two went out with me and expended lots of energy resulting in relative calm for most of the day.

After the walk, I took my bike to Krios following the same route as yesterday. Contrary to expectations, it was calmer than yesterday but still quite bracing when it blew. Unlike yesterday, I was wearing a windproof coat. There were only a few people around but then it was just after 07:00. I was back just after 07:30 and could see that the green material over my fence had taken a bit of a bashing. The material was originally fixed to the fence using plastic cable ties which don’t last that long in the Cretan sun. I set about trimming a couple of annoying branches and fixing the material where it was hanging off. There was one section which required attention a while ago and that was dealt with too. The cats were helping with this operation much to the annoyance of Luis who was still inturned in the van. Isabella hadn’t been put on a line when we came back from the second walk but blotted her copybook by running the gate. I recovered her very quickly and put her on a line as I was going in and out of the gate. The green shading material not only provides privacy but also helps to block the wind and deaden the sound of the road.

Breakfast was later than usual due to my fence repair activities so I was very pleased when I eventually got to eat it.

Following the previous day’s power cuts, I decided to do some more work on my batteries. They are now nicely balanced so I worked on the heavy cables which connect the pack to the inverter/charger. I needed to do a little soldering which was difficult as it was cold and also windy. I should have it all working tomorrow which will at least protect me from power outages. The current situation means I’ll have to wait a little longer for my solar panels to be put up as I don’t suppose Polychronis will be able to supply the metal for the frame.

It was time for the Evening Walk as the troops were getting restless. It was still windy and quite cold so the whole operation was completed as quickly as possible. There was only one other walker out, the guy with the German Shepherd. Not that he does much walking as he comes by car and seems to spend most of his time standing around. The dog may have had a bit of a wander though. I’ve not seen the other guy who was walking the fluffy dog. We encountered each other on a couple of occasions. He simply drove his car down the road with the dog free to roam. Even less activity for either of them. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong…

I’ve just received another civil protection alert on my phone advising me that I should go out as little as possible, self-isolate and avoid crowded locations. I have no reason to go out anywhere although I might want to do a little shopping before too long. I might visit Vlisidis although they were closed when I passed by this morning.

I’m sitting inside with the heating on surrounded by mostly resting dogs! Strange to think I had the door open all night just a few days ago. Interesting things are cooking in the Pot. Isabella and Obi have elected to remain outside. Isabella needs to be very tired if she comes in as otherwise she’s like perpetual motion and finds it hard to settle. Tiring for everyone. She’s happy outside anyway.

Yiannis Petrakis, at the local supermarket, assures me they have nearly everything in stock and their warehouse has supplies until August. Maybe he heeded my advice and ordered ahead? There is a little problem with hand sanitiser and Detol he tells me.

Hopefully, my supper is ready.


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