Chilly wind again

It was only when I’d harnessed the dogs ready to go out for the walk that I noticed the cold wind, absent the previous day, had returned with a vengeance. I went back inside and put on a windproof coat. I’ve been wearing it for most of the day. The walk took place under the fading moon which has less than 20% remaining. In a couple more days we’ll reach the end of the lunar cycle. The next full moon is 8 April.

The second wave enjoyed themselves as usual and I even let go of Skinny’s 10m line so that he could have a little more freedom without disappearing over the horizon. We were back just before 07:00 so I quickly fed the whole flock of cats and took my bike to Krios via the mountains. It was warmer and more pleasant by now but it would have been horrible without a coat. The sky was blue as was the sea as I rode along the higher road between the greenhouses. People were walking to work whilst others were opening up the ventilators on the sides of the greenhouses. This is all to do with temperature regulation and to prevent unpleasant ailments afflicting the plants.

I went back down towards Krios and along to the end of the road to the car park where I turned around to make my way back. With a lighter wind today, I used less help and kept the power on 2.

Isabella was pleased to see me as I came back to the camping. Xanthippos hadn’t yet arrived and I was wondering if he was coming in today. He was planning to spend some time at Cedar Bay Villas as there were visitors booked for the end of the month. I think now he will concentrate his efforts in Grammeno until we have a clearer idea as to how everything is going to progress.

I made breakfast, let out the dogs and sat down with my computer to check my mail and reply to one from Luise at EG. A Guild officer had complained that she was unable to forward all of her Guild emails to her personal email account and demanded the settings should be changed to enable her to do this. My reply explained precisely why the email had been set up in this way to prevent this from happening. I fear we’ve not heard the last of this.

I had some server checking to do as I discovered all of the servers in the Inter Sport Lewes store had abruptly shut down around 18:10 yesterday. I wanted to discover why this might have happened. I have a suspicion there was some electrical work going on but no one had bothered to inform me and the machines simply ran out of power and shut down untidily.

Other activities today included further configuration of my power supply equipment and trying to work out the Intelligent Ammeter supplied by the same company where the batteries came from. The instructions, for what they are worth, are in Chinglish so make little sense. Fortunately, others have used these as a basis to work out how to set up these meters and published their findings on the Internet. I think the ‘intelligent’ part of the instrument’s name signifies that the user must be intelligent and determined enough to work out how to use the product. I’m getting there but I like a challenge anyway.

I braved the chilly bathroom and went for a shower. Something I should have done yesterday when it was warmer. We were out on the Evening Walk in good time so it was light when we got back. I even prepared my food before feeding the dogs so it’s now cooked and keeping warm in the Pot. The sun has set and the light is fading so I think it’s time to call it a day and retreat inside. I might even need to put on a little heat, unlike the two previous nights.

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