Happy Mother’s Day!

To my mummy:
I hope you had a happy mother’s day despite your self-isolation!

Fido went walkabout so I was up earlier than anticipated. Next weekend, the hour will have changed. We’ll still be doing our own thing as usual, just the time will be different. By next weekend I will have moved back one hour to get back the hour lost in the change.

The Early Walk was practically uneventful and not very cheerful as it was overcast so the microscopic remainder of the moon was invisible and too late to rise anyway. No visible planets either. The second walk was more invigorating as I have both dogs on a short lead for the first circuit then set Isabella free and Skinny on a long line for the second. We also go over the rocks which I’m not up for when I have seven dogs on the lead.

My bike battery was on charge after my ride yesterday so I gave it a top-up when I let Fido out to do his bit. It was showing red and green which is fully charged when we got back. The weather was uninspiring but I wanted to go for a longer ride regardless. Looking at the forecast and also the sky, I took a windproof, rain-resistant coat in one of the bags. I arrived in Sklavopoula after about an hour of climbing. During the climb, there was a little headwind so I engaged some extra help from the motor. It was fortunate I’d brought the coat as it was quite chilly in the mountains. I could have done with gloves too as my hands were cold. The descent was great fun although the road is very windy and sometimes poorly maintained. Gazing at the scenery has to be done at a standstill although it was a bit of a grey day anyway.

At Voutas, I briefly consulted the map but continued on the path I’d followed on my previous visit. I could hear the priest chanting nearby although the church appeared to be empty. I continued to the pass which leads down to sea level but took a little detour into Paleochora to see if and when the dentist would be open. As it turns out, they are open three times weekly according to the notice, although at vastly reduced hours. I’ll pop in to see what the situation is when I go shopping tomorrow. I could have shopped today as Petrakis was open with Antonis, the father, standing outside the entrance. He waved and greeted me as I passed by.

I wanted to do a little server configuration before the Lewes Store opened so sat down at my computer as soon as I got back. I managed to do what was needed so let the dogs out and prepared breakfast. Isabella had been out all the time as usual so was awaiting my return near the gate. I still have her on a long line in the mornings as I’m in and out of the gate but she’s free all day and doesn’t try to run the gate.

I sat inside for my breakfast as it was miserable and cold outside and there were a few spots of rain. I went outside and sat in my chair after breakfast as the sun had managed to break through. It wasn’t long before I fell asleep. Two hours of walking and another two on my bike may have had something to do with it.

Xanthippos and Alex were working about the camping for much of the day. Bona came in to do some cleaning and was accompanied by only a small number of her family. The workers left, I went for a shower and it was time for the Evening Walk.

I couldn’t believe there was no one about! We had the place to ourselves as we did our single circuit before going back. The lady who walks along the beach in the evening was there but she was away in the distance. No other people or dogs could be seen. Yesterday, there were people fishing and even swimming! Today was cooler and less inviting with a chilly wind too.

The Pot has plopped so my supper is ready for me. The dogs have migrated inside and are listening to Al Jazeera. I must have the most informed dogs in the whole of Crete.

The outlook from Wednesday looks less than inviting but maybe it will change by then.


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