I had a long three-way conversation with Maria and Georgia last night. Georgia had received a command from on high that the camping must close by 26 March or opt to be the one that remains open in the Chania Province. Georgia didn’t want the responsibility of remaining open during the virus outbreak so the other option was to close completely. I had the task of telling the German couple with the big truck they had to leave the following day. Frederick has just returned from Munich having been in hospital so was hoping to remain for a few days at least if only to recover from the journey.

The telephone conversation continued later with Georgia ranting on about letting him come back into the camping from Germany without quarantine. I didn’t even know he’d come back until Monday night. She then went on about the problem of me being on the camping when it was closed. She said I could stay providing I remain invisible to the outside world, so no going out with the dogs, bike trips or shopping. Being a prisoner in the camping didn’t much please me but the lockdown is tightening anyway so it makes little difference. By the end of the evening, I was worn out by all the phone calls as was Maria as piggy in the middle and being an interpreter. She phoned this evening for a one-to-one conversation and to apologise on behalf of Georgia.

Even with lockdown and the fact the official closure is 26 March for the camping, I took out the dogs and went for a run around the Promontory as I felt this would be less obvious than elsewhere. Despite the tone of the previous night’s conversation, I realise that Georgia would be in deep trouble if it was discovered that I was secretly living on the camping during a lockdown closure and that she is sticking her neck out for me.

The morning consisted of a shower, breakfast and some gentle relaxation. There were a couple of support emails but work is rather drying up at present. I have plenty of outstanding jobs if I can be motivated to do them.

The Germans decided they wanted to do loads of washing before their enforced and rather precipitous departure so I dedicated a large portion of the day tied to the machine. Not that I had too many other pressing engagements elsewhere. The Germans have left the camping and are now parked back in the Grammeno Beach car park where they were before then arrived at the camping. They hope not to be moved on for a couple of days at least.

It’s raining and windy although the day started off sunny and warm. The early walk was fine. We saw someone else out early as Skinny, Isabella and I came back.

I’ve had better days so will now retire to bed as it’s been a little stressful.


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