Burial party

It started to rain and be miserable so it was not long before we all, including Obi, excepting Isabella, retired inside. In fact, as it was only 17℃ I even put some heat on. Always fatal as it pretty much guarantees I’ll fall asleep after eating. Food+Comfort+Warmth=Sleep. I woke up to see the credits roll up whatever it was I’d been watching so decided to call it a day and retire to my pit. The rain picked up again after midnight but conveniently stopped before getting up time.

It was still quite uninviting as we left the compound at 04:52 to make our way across the field to the road and along the beach. The Germans are still parked in the car park and their washing received a further rinse cycle during the night. I went around their van as I suspected IZO might be lurking somewhere nearby. We all walked around twice then returned to the van. Skinny, Isabella and I set out for a further couple of circuits however, today, we didn’t use the long line as I wanted to get back.

Having deposited Skinny with the others, fed Isabella and then the cats, Isabella and I set off for another walk. I’d considered a run but it was damp and chilly so I chickened out. Instead, we both walked three times around with Isabella free to enjoy herself as she pleased. There was no one else around although we noticed IZO curled up in the shelter of the Monster Truck. He seems to have adopted them in the absence of Peter who is still at Koutsounari.

On our return, I sat down for a little bit of a rest after as we’d walked nearly 9km. I let out the remainder of the dogs, made some tea and then some breakfast. My battery pack, which had been charging most of the previous day and overnight, was charged up so had gone back to supplying electricity from battery. The aim is to complete a few charge-discharge cycles to exercise the cells in a gentle way, then switch the pack to backup mode so it will supply from battery, only when the Grid has a glitch.

I was about to start my breakfast when Janne called from Stockholm. We commiserated the demise of the pussy then agreed to talk again once we’d both had breakfast. It was a long support session installing software for his printers and scanners. It took up the remainder of the morning.

The weather has been mixed with prolonged sunny spells once the bulk of the clouds had disappeared. The top temperature is 18.4℃ and it’s become windier as the day progressed. The weekend is forecast to be mostly sunny although not amazingly warm. Monday and Tuesday might be unsettled again.

The dogs have spent most of the day asleep but are becoming more active as it’s coming up for the former Evening Walk time. Sadly, the Evening Walk is a luxury we cannot currently afford. After Sunday, the mornings will be darker once the clocks go forward so we can get up earlier as we’ll be going to bed earlier.

Skinny and Isabella are even bigger buddies now that they go for a separate walk together. They often ‘play’ together outside on the decking although their idea of playing usually involves them trying to bite each other’s head off.

I decided not to bury the pussy last night as the evening was wet and miserable so the thought of digging a pussy grave in the dark by torchlight was totally uninspiring. Instead, I’ve just returned from burying him in a plot right next to the path we take as we walk across the field. I was able to prepare the grave without having to worry about being spotted also it was brilliant ground as it was soft digging but didn’t cave in. I managed to dig deep without having to make a huge hole as I used a trowel. I’ve stacked some imported rocks to dissuade any potentially curious creature from digging him up and will be able to carefully monitor the situation as it’s very near to the path and to the camping. RIP pussy…

After the burial, I fed the dogs who were waiting almost quietly for me to return from my task. My supper was put in The Pot quite a while ago so is awaiting my attention.

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