We walked differently today as everyone went around four times. It was getting a little slow on the fourth lap and their pace quickened once they realised they were going home. I wanted to make sure they were tired before my online meeting. I came out again with Skinny and Isabella to complete nearly 9km. We sneaked back into the camping just before sunrise. It’s no so easy to sneak anywhere with seven dogs. Two are much easier to hide.

I put Skinny inside for a bit then let them all out once I’d picked up the poo and brought in some more food. I have 40kg of biscuits left so will have to work out how to get resupplied. I have plenty of tins of meat though. I need to discover how much longer we’re likely to be locked in so that I can make a plan. I have direct contact with Yannis Petrakis so will chat with him.

We had a Zoom meeting of EG admin staff at 13:00 (11:00 UTC+1 AKA BST). Terry told me the meeting would last for around fifteen minutes but like all good meetings it dragged on for nearly an hour. Pat and I were having a private chat and I sent her some doggy photos. I got caught out at one point as Fido barked at something outside the gate and I had difficulty muting the sound as I was in the process of choosing a picture to upload. I had a support call near the end so was able to extract myself. The Zoom platform works well and has good features however I understand hackers are enjoying adding themselves to sessions so it may have some security shortcomings. It was good to see the staff again as I’ve not actually seen them since 2013 when they were at King’s Road in Walton. I just talk to them or email them.

The support call was Simon Lawrence who is still able to work from his office. He was catching up with his accounts and said it was relatively quiet other than customers enquiring after premium holidays. I communicated later with Clive who says he has only two completions in April. He furloughed his staff today. There isn’t even enough work for him and Denise. I understand the Inter Sport staff have also been furloughed.

I also spoke to Tim Lane, one of the former deputy heads and music director at RSH. Terry and Chris are staying with him and Sarah in their house near Hamble. Tim was diagnosed with a very rare cancer of the lung eight years ago. He was told at the time that he wouldn’t survive very long but they eventually found an experimental treatment which has been keeping him going since then. He tells me he recently had an operation to remove the affected lobe of the lung and that this cancer doesn’t spread. He’s doing well considering he was supposed to die long ago. I understand that the lung will grow back and make up for the missing bit.

I’ve been spending time playing with servers and routing at Inter Sport. It’s a bit complicated but I’ve been meaning to tidy it all up and optimise everything for ages. Now seemed like a good time.

Chatting with Xanthippos earlier, we discussed the likelihood of fuel shortages on the island. He was talking about fuel rationing and the consequent difficulties of travelling. Electric bikes don’t use much petrol or diesel so I should be ok when I’m eventually allowed out and about again.

The day has been warm and sunny so the dogs have spent most of it loafing in the sun. The cats have been amusing themselves in the adjacent field and quickly appear when I wander out there from time to time. Lots of petting and tummy tickling. I’ve not seen the kittens from the other mother today but have just fed her.

My supper is cooked, the dogs are fed so I think I can soon declare this day almost over.


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