Bike ride

It was only when I stepped out of the awning area that the rain started. It was a gentle rain which persisted the length of the walk. To begin with it wasn’t too bad but by the time we were back at the camping it was becoming quite wet. I’d thought about going running but didn’t fancy that in the rain. I sat down and read the news instead.

The morning continued the way it started, grey, damp and windy. The sun eventually showed its face which made things a lot more pleasant. Xanthippos came in to work as I was preparing my breakfast. I wondered why the TV in the van was quiet and why there was no Internet. It was not long before I discovered there was no power in the rest of the camping. With the batteries and the inverter, I no longer know if the power goes off as everything, except the Internet connection, carries on as before. The power resumed quite quickly and may have been something to do with the large digger working right outside the camping gate.

I went on a little walk around the camping after my breakfast and noticed Xanthippos working hard, sitting on a chair, smoking and drinking coffee. Whilst the cat’s away…

The morning passed gently by. I’m not exactly sure what I was doing but I feel certain it was very important. I received an email from the company chasing my PPI claim to discover that MBNA have agreed to give me compensation which will amount to around £200 by the time Allay, the recovery company, has taken its commission. Food for the animals for a few weeks so worth the effort. Apparently, it will take MBNA several weeks before they credit my account.

I spent a little time examining the route of the power cable I installed to bring electricity to the van. I still need the cable, even when the solar panels are eventually installed, but I want to supply power to the box which contains various IT equipment on the storeroom wall. I could just keep supplying it from the mains but it seems a little silly if I have ‘free’ electricity from the sun. I had help when I started digging up the existing cable. Both Isabella and Luis joined me. Luis was very active when the trench was originally dug. Without their combined assistance, I couldn’t have coped.

I popped my head out of the gate to discover that Xanthippos had gone off, presumably for the day. I wanted to get my bike out so installed the battery and went for a little ride. This is where I went:

According to the odometer on the bike I completed some 12km however my watch was not going to credit me with so much hard work. The watch uses GPS to calculate distance but cannot see the satellites properly because of the trees. I think the indoor cycle workout might give a more realistic reading. I was joined by Skinny whose collar had sprung open as his line was snagged on the step allowing him to escape the compound. He followed my bike round for a bit, went onto the beach then came back inside so I put his collar on. I went back into the compound and Isabella followed me out so the pair of them had great fun racing around on the beach and in the camping. Skinny came back to me several times but I didn’t see any point in curtailing his fun so let him carry on.

Friedrich, who has the Monster Truck now located in Alonáki car park, called to ask me if the water on the beach is drinkable. I suggested he follow the pipe from the beach shower back towards Ammos Beach Bar to see where it ended up. Later, I saw his truck adjacent to the shower so presumably, he’s filled up is 300+ litre tank. He says they will get me some fruit and vegetables when they go shopping next. The lockdown is supposed to end on 6 April however I can’t see that happening so I’ll be a prisoner for longer. Having a supply of fresh fruit and veg would be good as I expect they will go to Petrakis in Paleochora which has a greater range and better quality produce. I need to make a list.

Skinny and Isabella are not larking about on the decking as they have been fed and are tired following their excursion into the camping and onto the beach. Isabella is flaked out in the van whilst Skinny is curled up on a couple of blankets out here with me.

As predicted, it’s quite windy. The wind will continue overnight into tomorrow afternoon so there’s lots of flapping tent. Many of the rubber loops which fasten down the tent sides have broken but the tent is still bolted to the decking. I need to come up with a more reliable way to fasten the tent sides to the decking.

I think it’s nearly supper time!

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