Lockdown continues until 27 April

As expected, the initial three-week lockdown has been extended until 27 April. Only another twenty-two more days to go until… it gets extended again? Orthodox Easter in Greece falls on Sunday 19 April (a propitious date) this year. The Greek authorities are concerned that the population will endeavour to ignore the lockdown to travel to be with families as Easter is a very important festival in Greece.

We were up with the lark and out on the Promontory for our morning exercise. All dogs, reluctantly, completed four tours before returning to the camping. Isabella and I went out again for an additional walk which ended when it started to get light. We were back in the camping around 07:00. The weather was not as warm as yesterday but there was no wind which easily compensated for the reduced temperature. Rain was forecast but with a low probability. It has rained but it was short-lived and amounted to only 0.8mm.

I surrendered my keys to Bona’s husband who came in to do some decorating. He has freshened up the bathrooms, inside and out, and is currently working on one of the bedrooms at reception. He returned my keys when he saw me out on my bike riding around the camping.

The day has otherwise been seriously uneventful and I have spent a large proportion of it working on my laptop. The morning weather was not terribly inspiring so staying inside was a good option. The afternoon brightened up so I was able to ride my bike again. This time, I completed three different workouts. The first was 5km with the power set to 1. The second was 5km with the power set to 1 for the first 3km and at zero for the remainder. Both lasted for twenty-three minutes and accounted for 346kJ and 340kJ respectively. The third workout was with power on zero and was supposed to last for ten minutes however I seem to have set the timer for ten hours which probably explains why I was riding for fifteen minutes before I worked out there was a problem. That workout accounted for 458kJ. Fifteen minutes for 458kJ seems a bit of a result to me!

After my various workouts, I fed the cats, had a shower then went to check out the progress of the New Room where there are signs of an electrician. A big box on the wall, cables and sockets. I’m unsure when that work was done but suspect it will go on hold for a little while. I tested out the sofa to see how comfortable it is and can confirm that it’s easy enough to sleep on.

Just for a change, Isabella and Skinny are romping around on the decking. I have cooked some beans which need washing then returned to The Pot with some rice and mashed up tomatoes. I’m hoping Friedrich will be able to get some shopping for me tomorrow as some fresh fruit and vegetables would be a real bonus.

I shall now feed the dogs and take it from there. The supper is cooking in The Pot, the dogs are now fed and I think Skinny has managed to tie himself round one of the metal legs of the roof. He will start to complain after a while then I will release him.

I’m going inside to find something to entertain me until supper time.


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