Fresh fruit and veg

A few spots of moisture have fallen during the day but there has been no persistent rain. We completed our four laps more enthusiastically than previously. The chilly wind might have been responsible. Isabella and I went out again and she spent some time playing with IZO as we passed near to the Monster Truck. Back from walking, I picked up the poo, fed the cats and made a cup of tea. All very important tasks first thing in the morning. I checked my emails and read the papers whilst Isabella munched her rawhide bone before falling asleep. The others were still inside so I let them out and made breakfast. Life is rather boring due to lack of fresh produce as it’s now two weeks since I went to the supermarket. I sent my shopping list via text as a gentle reminder to Friedrich.

Xanthippos arrived at the gate bearing a package for Friedrich and Marion. I later discovered it contained some two-way radios which they use when they are navigating their truck through difficult terrain. Xanthippos told me he was suffering from a bad back which is exacerbated by the cold wind. He spotted the arrival of Manolis and Litsa so went to speak to them. Shortly after, he was replaced by his brother who brought me a bag of tomatoes. Some fresh vegetables at least! I contacted Friedrich to announce the arrival of their packet.

I spent quite a busy morning not being busy although I’m sure it was very productive. I think I was reading most of the time. It was chilly as the wind has moved back to the north and has freshened. There has been little sun but the temperature made is as far as 18.4℃ at one point.

The cats started to parade up and down so I fed them and the nursing mother in the storeroom. I can confirm there are five kittens of which two are ginger and white and three are tabby. They are quite happy to emerge from the stack of leaves and don’t seem to mind being picked up or handled.

I went for a wander around the camping and down to the beach then received a message from Friedrich in reply to my text about the package. I walked down to their van and spent some time with them chatting. They have a bit of an Internet problem where they are so we were discussing a relay from the camping’s WiFi. They went off to do some shopping in Paleochora and will hopefully soon return with a supply of FOOD!

I don’t plan to be sitting outside for very long as the weather is chilly and the dogs have been fed. I’m going to see if they’ve returned from the shops so I can pick up my shopping and maybe have something more exciting this evening.


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