It’s the beginning of April – will winter end?

My supper last night contained fresh vegetables and I had fresh fruit at breakfast too!

The heating is on this evening just as it was yesterday evening. The cold wind has dramatically reduced the temperature so I’ve been wearing a coat all day long. I’d hoped the coat-wearing period of the year had come to an end.

It was at Early Walk time that I discovered how chilly it was. There was the sound of drizzle on the roof at 04:30 so I delayed before getting up so we didn’t leave until after 05:00! What a bunch of lay-a-beds! There was a reduction of enthusiasm amongst some of the walkers at the beginning of the fourth circuit so I attached the slower group to a bush so that Isabella, Skinny and I could make more progress. We hadn’t been gone long when a horrid racket was heard. I’m not sure what, if anything, sparked it off. We went back to the van and Isabella and I set off for a couple more circuits but we gave up once the drizzly restarted.

Breakfast included an apple as well as a banana, such decadence!

The morning was cold as well as windy. I decided to go onto the roof of the storeroom to inspect the cable serving one of the WiFi access points which I noticed was not working as expected. I discovered the cable had been damaged, probably when the new water heater and tank were installed on the roof last summer. I have cut off the bad bit and have used the remainder of the cable to connect a temporary router so that Friedrich and Marion can connect to the network. They have no option but to stay where they are and I can hopefully provide them with a reasonably decent internet connection. The access point I set up is not powerful enough to go the distance so I’m working on a repeater to improve the signal.

There was a long support call from Barbara in Melbourne and we exchanged lockdown requirements. At least Australia is heading towards winter making it hopefully more attractive for people to remain at home. Easter and summer weather will be with us in Crete shortly providing an incentive for people to breach the lockdown conditions.

Xanthippos’ back may have got the better of him as he didn’t appear to be working so I’ve not seen anyone all day.

We are sitting inside this evening as I write this blog. Isabella is asleep next to me occupying most of that side of the seating. Luis is to my left sharing the rear bench with Oskar. Charlie is very relaxed on the seat under the TV screen. Fido is in his usual place at my feet. Skinny was inside but has since joined Obi outside.

My supper is in The Pot cooking outside under the awning. I’m hoping it is nearly ready as I’m looking forward to eating it. I understand the UK Priminister is in ICU according to Al Jazeera news.


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