WiFi project

I’ve been working on a little project for my friends, Friedrich and Marion, who were on the camping until it closed. They have the Monster Truck which is now parked on the Grammeno/Alonáki beach car park. Their truck is too far from the camping to pick up the WiFi so they’re having to rely on their mobile broadband for communicating with family members and general Web use. They gobble up their monthly allowance in no time so I decided to help them out with a private WiFi link to the camping’s network. I’ve rigged up an old router together with a directional aerial. The router is cable tied to the reinforcing rods at the corner of the storeroom and the aerial is mounted on a broom handle also cable tied to another reinforcing rod protruding from the concrete.

Router and directional antenna mounted on reinforcing rods at the corner of the storeroom. I’ll tidy up the cables once I know it’s all working properly.

This provided a signal of sorts at their end however it’s a bit far and probably doesn’t work inside the vehicle. I bought a WiFi repeater when I was using the CBV network which served me well until they upgraded the security for their customers. It was then that I decided to upgrade my own system and run a cable between the workshop and the Central Kitchen. I purchased a different brand of access point to trial before eventually upgrading the entire camping’s WiFi. The kit is now redundant so I decided they may as well make use of it as it’s just lying around in the storeroom.

Today, I’ve configured the equipment to go at their end and, as they are out this evening, I’ll drop it off in the morning when I go out with Isabella. Friedrich can then work out where he wants to mount the router and plug it in.

Our walk was a little longer today however the slower group sat out a couple of circuits and I took them all back before going out again with Isabella. She played with IZO as we passed by the Monster Truck each time. With the Slow Group tied up, the more energetic pair can get some extra exercise without having to go back to the camping and Isabella gets time out on her own. We’ve not had much moonlight recently as it’s been overcast or cloudy. This morning there were some clouds but there was still plenty of moonlight. It’s nice not to have to stumble around by the light of my head torch. I can see enough just with moonlight.

It’s still annoyingly windy so I look forward to it stopping late tomorrow. Not only is it windy but cold too! The day has been mostly sunny with a high of 17.2℃ and a low of 12.6℃. It appears chillier due to the strong northerly wind. Just the absence of wind and flapping tent would be a real bonus!

Other recent activities have included upgrading the meteo.grammeno.eu weather site which now has an enhanced interface and some additional features.

The main screen
Daily graphs
Monthly trends

There is also a forecast and other graphs but I have yet to convert the historical data from the old site as I’m waiting on a script to do the transition.

The pussies are getting bolder and have been exploring outside the storeroom today. Xanthippos came along as I was playing with them and says he’ll take one or two of the girls. Apparently, the boys disappear after six months. A trip to the vet sorts out that problem as I still have 3/4 of the young and the mother who turns up to be petted and fed every morning. She treats it like a restaurant whereas her offspring +1 spend most of their time nearby and will always come to find me if I go into the field or out into the camping.

Exploring the storeroom
First solid food
The New Room destined for use by winter customers, groups and small gatherings on special occasions. There will be blinds over the windows or it will be unbearable in summer. The windows slide and have insect screens.

There is still much flapping of tent, it’s cold and my supper is ready so I shall retreat within. Roll on the warmer, calmer weather!


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