Another Royal Visit

It was with some reluctance that I got out of bed this morning. I’d fallen asleep before bedtime as the heating was on and I’d eaten. I woke up, went to bed and fell back to sleep again. The Early Walk took the same format as the previous day with the slow group sitting out 1.5 circuits tied to a tree on the Promontory. I took Isabella out later on her own and dropped off a box containing a wireless router for Friedrich to set up at his leisure. IZO bounded across the beach with Isabella and we enjoyed the strong, chilly, north wind.

I had to pop to the office under cover of earlieness as I suspected I’d left my head torch there from the previous day. A bit of a giveaway that I’d been there. I also put back the computer I’d moved too. Next was a bike ride around the camping to round of my morning exercise routine.

I fed all the various cats and let out the dogs before preparing my breakfast then sat down with my laptop a while. The wind was still strong but the sun joined in making it warm inside if nothing else. I wandered down to T3 and sat on the decking in the sunshine playing with one of the cats. Then Mickey appeared so I knew Georgia had arrived from Chania.

I went over to see her and we discussed the state of the universe and all other topical matters including:

The fact I was not walking the dogs on the Promontory
Mr Johnson was still very poorly
Mr Trump is a raving loony
I ride around the camping for exercise
The cycleway has been constructed outside the camping
A larger electricity switchgear and meter box will be installed by the entrance
Antonis has asked if it’s ok for him to come to the camping to construct my solar (!!)
The road is now very low in relation to the gateway
Georgia’s mother fell but has only bruises
Five is very well nourished and a tart (she rolls over for me to tickle her belly)
Lau is still staying at Paleochora Camping despite it being officially closed
The need to put more pest control on the carob trees
My dogs should be walked only in the lower part of the camping
The arrival of the five kittens
The demise of one of my pussies
It’s cold, wet and windy in Chania
There will be no/very few foreign tourists this summer/year
Only some Greeks may come for a holiday
COVID-19 is very bad for the economy
A load of other stuff which didn’t interest me

We walked to the entrance to check out the disparity between the final road level and the camping entrance. Georgia seemed to think it in order for me to be seen loitering at the entrance despite her previous desire for me to remain unseen in the camping. Xanthippos and I suggested the entrance to the camping should be reprofiled and the excess scattered over the car park. A rise up into the camping will help keep stormwater out of the camping.

There will be tarmac on the road and on the cycleway. The camping boundary wall does not now require demolition and rebuilding however the neighbours’ definitely will. (Georgia consulting with Xanthippos)

The Royal Party dropped off some paint then departed from the camping to return in ‘about a week’. Xanthippos gave me a number of long peppers which I will enjoy greatly.

I discovered Skinny had gone AWOL during my absence. His line was on the decking so appears to have become unclipped from his collar. I went to see if I could spot him on the beach but he was nowhere to be seen. Later, I was leaning over the gate by the bar when he spotted me from the waters edge, came over and back into the camping. He, Luis and Isabella et al have been romping on the decking.

Friedrich tells me they have an Internet connection in their truck. I went onto the roof of the storeroom to inspect the antenna to find the wind had blown it off its mark. I have since tightened it up.

All is now relatively quiet. The animals have been fed, I put my supper on early, my bed is made but with only one blanket. I think I can wash my clothes tomorrow as it will be sunny but not too windy. I will wash my duvet and cover and put it away for the summer. I was swimming in the sea on 14 April last year.

So there you have it. On this day in 1940, Germany invaded Denmark and Norway. Just so as you know…


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