Easter Weekend like no other

I was a lot happier getting out of bed as I couldn’t hear the wind flapping the tent. The van door was open all night which gives some indication of the rise in temperature from the previous days. The Early Walk was almost a replica of the day before except Isabella was left behind as she was involved in some treasure and seemed disinclined to come over when asked. It wasn’t long before she caught us up and I didn’t bother putting her on the lead initially. Sadly, she’s incapable of resisting the temptation to ‘attack’ either Obi or Skinny and, even though it’s a lot easier with her off the lead, I put her back on so progress could be made. We walked 8km this morning but I’m not entirely sure where the extra came from as I felt we covered the same amount of ground. Perhaps I can no longer count.

Isabella and I went out for another couple of circuits and then I put my washing in the machine. I then took a broom handle to Friedrich so he could improve the performance of his WiFi link by putting the router high up above the roof of his truck. He’s now done this and reports that there are improvements.

It was late before I ate my breakfast as a number of things, including the washing, impeded progress. Xanthippos had Alex to try to impress so was giving us the benefit of his superior intellect by describing his solution to the current situation. He was however pleased with the news that Boris is out of ICU and back on the ward. Boris holds a special place in Xanthippos’ heart.

One of the causes of the earlier delay was that I had a feline visitor as I sat in my chair doing some online shopping earlier. Only Isabella was out at the time so I wasn’t surprised when the young female hopped up onto the table next to me. She proceeded to walk over to me and settle down to perform her toilette. Lots of licking and fussing about until she and I both fell asleep. I was tired after getting up early, walking 8km and cycling around the camping like a mad thing. She was just being a cat. I eventually got out of my chair and shepherded her back to the safety of the pussy compound so that I might let the remaining dogs outside.

Breakfast eventually followed but the morning was now over. My washing dried quickly as it was sunny and the wind was getting up. All my stuff is dry and folded up except for the hoodies which have just come off the line. Casting caution to the wind, I’ve washed my duvet and cover which is drying overnight ready to be packed away until next winter. I expect it not to get too cold at night from now on and have not needed to use the duvet for several weeks. A couple of blankets is more than enough.

The afternoon was equally sunny but the wind became stronger later on. I sat outside T3 on the decking in the afternoon sun to send a few texts. It’s pleasant there with the sea in the background, the dogs remain mostly quiet but anyway, there’s no one here to complain. Skinny again went AWOL during my absence and reappeared as I was spinning my coat and duvet in the machine. The two items together gave the machine apoplexy.

My batteries are charging, the dogs are quiet having eaten, my supper is ready and I only have one fleece on at present. Gosh, how much nicer it is without so much wind and a warmer temperature. I shall adjourn inside to munch my meal.

It’s inappropriate to say ‘Happy’ Good Friday but you know what I mean. As you’re probably aware, Orthodox Easter is next weekend.


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