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Isabella was bouncing around with Skinny outside last night but I discovered this morning that she’d been sick and was very quiet during the Early Walk. She came out and walked with the first group but didn’t want to come out again with Skinny. I left her behind but with the gate open in case she changed her mind.

She’s spent most of the day in the van just lying down but was lying out in the sun this morning. She doesn’t want anything to eat which is definitely unlike her as she’s generally the first in the queue for food.

Added to that, the young female cat has been in the wars again. Her front left leg was recently injured, presumably in a fight with another cat. It was healing up well. Later, I discovered that she has a more severe wound in exactly the same place. One of the males had a bite at the base of his tail earlier in the week which was quite swollen but he seems to be recovering from that. I’m getting pretty annoyed about other cats attacking my cats and injuring them.

I’ve just emailed Stavros, the Maléme vet, to see if he is going to be available on Monday should Isabella not improve tomorrow.

I was a little late with breakfast again today but managed to eat it before my weekly call home.

It has been warm and sunny also the wind which been blowing for several days has finally calmed. I went to sit on Janne and Erica’s decking for a while so I could commune with the cats and enjoy the sunshine. Even Luis, on the other side of the fence, calmed down so we had some peace.

I went for a shower and fed the cats. I climbed up onto the storeroom roof to check the alignment of the aerial pointing towards the car park. At this point, I received a call from Marion saying she was in the supermarket and asking if I wanted anything. I resent my shopping list with a few additions then went in to see how Isabella was getting on in the van. I communed with her and some of the other dogs came in too.

My personal shopping service called to say they were on the road by the beach so I went down to collect the huge bag of shopping. We chatted a few minutes and I went back to the camping. A couple of cars were responsibly parked on the beach with the occupants enjoying the sunshine.

Janne and Erica called from Stockholm, where there is no lockdown, to wish me a happy easter. I’d not quite finished preparing my food so everything is running a little late tonight.

The dogs eventually got fed, except for Isabella who is flaked out on the floor at my feet as I write. I think my supper is ready so I’d better go outside and get it or it will be time to get up before I’ve eaten.

Isabella update

I’ve just had an email from Stavros who has said she should have nothing to eat or drink until tomorrow lunchtime and then only something light. If she is still not eating or sick again, I should contact him to arrange to bring her to see him on Monday.


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