Easter Sunday (and my birthday)

It wasn’t quite as cool as yesterday morning but Isabella decided to stick with the comfy chair rather than go out with the mob. The first lap was exceedingly energetic as there was some scent which had them all going great guns. Some of the slowest were out at the front of the pack. We walked around twice and then I removed Luis and Oskar to a tree before taking the remainder around a couple more times. Back at the camping, Isabella was still in the chair but decided to join Skinny and I as we completed a couple more laps. I noticed that she was moving a little more naturally and more like her old self. There was still no fooling around with Skinny but it’s early days yet.

I fed the cats then went for a ride to Krios via the cemetery which is a little way up the hill towards Skalvopoula. The whole trip was a little over 13km.

I wanted to sort out the WiFi controller so spent some while in the office resetting the router and checking it was working properly. I’ve not been able to control the access points for ages since the other controller lost the plot. I’m being more careful this time to ensure I have plenty of backups so I don’t have to go through all of this again.

I chatted with Ursula whilst preparing my breakfast and then we went on a virtual tour of the camping as I opened up the small cabins for their daily airing. My next duty was to put my bedding and clothes in the washing machine as time was getting on. I spoke to Terry, Chris, Helen and Martin who called to wish me a happy birthday. My breakfast had been ready a while so I got on to eat it.

The weather was wonderful today: the sun was shining, there was no wind, blue sky and singing birds. Who could wish for more on their birthday? There was even someone being naughty and swimming in the sea which, for some obscure reason, is currently illegal.

The day wandered by. Isabella ate some more food, I played with the WiFi messing around with important things such as making sure the correct icons represented the devices on the network. I went up onto the roof to reset the access points but for some reason, I don’t seem to be able to join them back to the network. There are little lights which tell you what’s going on but these are invisible during the day so I’ll check it out later when it’s dark so I can see what’s flashing.

My washing dried and my bed is made with clean bedding. Sheets and blankets! I’ve had a shower and am wearing clean clothes too! There are a couple of beetroot in the Pot cooking with a piece of chicken for Isabella. She is eating but still only interested in the meat rather than the rice as well. I passed on the rejected rice to the others who were suitably grateful.

I had to rescue one of the cats who though it a good idea to come to play with the dogs. I think she’s in one piece as she clambered up a carob tree and over the shading the other side of the fence. The dogs got a good telling off.

Isabella has just eaten a chicken portion with some rice so hopefully, we won’t be seeing that again tonight. She is getting her appetite back. My supper is in the Pot and will take a while to complete as the chicken and beets were in earlier and I didn’t get it together in time. Too much sitting around enjoying myself!


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