St George

An alien vehicle was parked on Alonáki Beach as we crossed the field. It was a Czech, as in the post, van facing east with a bicycle on the back. They were still there when Skinny and Isabella returned from the second walk. Otherwise, the walk was the same as yesterday except it was cooler and more blowy with a clear sky. I left Charlie with Oskar and Luis which gave us a quicker couple of laps later. Charlie kept fussing with his paws which is usually the Oskar ploy for a bit of a rest from walking. Charlie seemed quite happy to be left with the other two.

With my full bike battery, I set off up the mountain towards Sklavopoula, beyond the cemetery, as it seemed like a good idea. I didn’t go miles up the mountain as it was a bit blowy. I descended towards Krios where I met the German guy with the two dogs. The dogs were disappointed as I didn’t have any biscuits for them in my pocket. We stood and chatted a while next to a likely-looking plot of land surrounded by greenhouses. I mentioned that I was looking for some land and was told there is a field available opposite the reservoir on the left past the Sklavopoula turnoff. I shall investigate tomorrow. We both continued, separately, towards Krios.

Isabella was waiting patiently for her food when I returned to the camping. I served it up and gave it to her together with her jab. I think we will not bother with anymore jabs in a couple of days as she seems to be improving well. Stavros has some clinical food so I’ll ask Antonis to pop in to pick it up when next he goes to Chania.

I went up onto the roof of the storeroom to replace the cable to one of the WiFi access points just at the moment that Xanthippos arrived down below. He needed to pick something up from the office so I came down to let him in. He dealt with Georgia’s dogs and I’ve not seen him since. He tells me he’ll be in to work tomorrow.

I put in the cable and was terminating it when it started to rain. The storeroom roof is not the ideal location when it’s raining so I abandoned my work, tidied up and went inside. It’s raining with more determination as I write and the forecast seems to think there will be more later this evening. I’d prefer it to get it out of its system before tomorrow morning. Strong wind is predicted for the morning which I’m also looking forward to. The weather is very un-Mediterranean at present considering we’re heading out of April, I don’t expect to have the heating on!

Other than a trip to the shower where it was cold and windy, the afternoon has come to a soggy and generally unpleasant end. The dogs have been fed and are all inside the van other than Isabella who stays in for two minutes before wanting to go out again.

I checked out easyJet’s flight schedules to discover they are offering a service to Athens and Crete from 18 May. We must assume they know something we don’t as they wouldn’t be scheduling flights for no reason. I understand passengers will have to wear face protection before and during the flight and there will be an empty seat next to each passenger to provide some sort of social distancing. It was a marketing email which took me to their website. I understand that other operators intend to fill every seat.

It will be very interesting to see what transpires once lockdown restrictions are relaxed.


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