Our Early Walks went without incident however the slower group seemed particularly slow this morning. We were back before 07:00 so I fed the cats and the fluffy mummy cat outside. I noticed the young female wasn’t present when I fed the two boys which is unusual. I could hear the sound of meowing coming from somewhere so went to investigate. I discovered she was trapped inside the kitchen where I’d gone the previous evening to get another chicken portion from the freezer. She must have followed me into the kitchen in the darkness then been left inside when I closed the door. She was pleased to see me and soon back with the others before they ate all the food. I set off for a bike ride up the mountain for a little then down to Krios. I met up with the German guy walking his dogs towards Krios. We chatted a while and then I cycled back to the camping. The swallows have arrived on Crete as they were out in force feasting on the insects which are in abundance first thing in the morning.

I’d left the Pot with chicken and rice cooking and this was ready when I arrived back. I served up Isabella’s portion which amounts to half of the rice, then divided the remainder amongst the others. They share the other half between the six of them. Not very equitable but then main aim is to feed Isabella. In any event, I shall try to give the dogs less processed meat products to see how it works out. It requires a little more effort on my part but it’s more a matter of organisation than anything. Yesterday evening, they had rice and whole wheat grains which I’d soaked and then cooked in The Pot for twenty-two minutes. The grains went down well so I’ll do that again.

I had a busy day as I received a support call from Stephen at LBS who had a query about file transportation to his home as he’s not working in the office. I made a suggestion which required me to carry out some set up which took a while as I’d not done it for some time. Stephen needed more support so I ended up connecting to his home PC so show him how it was done.

My next caller was Friedrich from the Grammeno Beach car park. The WiFi had been working well but then suddenly just stopped working. I walked over to his van in the late afternoon and spent quite a time not getting the WiFi working. The kit is still here and I’ve now lost the will to do anymore. Tomorrow’s not looking good as I have a dental appointment at 10:15 and will then do some shopping.

I managed to fit in preparing the dogs’ food so now they are flaked out around me. I had to feed them as I needed to use the pots to make my own food which should soon be ready in The Pot. Soon my turn to eat!

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