No phones or Internet

We didn’t quite complete our walks as quickly as yesterday but were back by 06:40 nevertheless. It was a lovely morning: no wind, cool, cloudless and bright. The second group were much quicker than the first so we made good time.

I forgot to turn on the Pot when the second group left so breakfast for the dogs and for me was a little late. I went off towards Krios over the mountain but the Doggy Dinner wasn’t ready when I returned so I decided to release the pressure to hurry things along. That wasn’t such a good idea as it meant I had to completely clean the pot as everything boiled up inside making a horrible mess. I must remember to either release the pressure more slowly or just let it dissipate naturally. The Pot is now nice and clean at least.

The day has been noisy due to a duet of strimmers intent on removing all greenery from the ground in the remainder of the camping. The areas previously treated are still fine. They are also going to prune the trees and tidy up generally. Let’s hope there will be some customers to justify their labours. I’m told there is a broadcast this evening my some big wig in the tourist industry who will be detailing plans for the coming summer.

The clowns working on the road managed to dig up the telephone cables and the fibre Internet connection so we have been without either since around 09:30. The last time that happened we were without service for nearly a week. Working without WiFi Internet is difficult. The good thing is that Georgia is here so she will make it her life’s work to annoy Cosmote until it gets fixed. On a previous occasion it was during the winter so no one cared much. With everyone still on lockdown and without Internet TV, I can imagine it will be up again quite soon.

Lana and Georgia arrived late afternoon, saw the state of the Royal Palace so decided to move into T1 much to my total surprise. Usually, Georgia stays at her mother’s. This is a bit of a pain for me as T1 is very close and they have Mickey and Five with them which will cause a certain amount of friction as Mickey likes to wind up my dogs. I understand Bona has been tasked with tidying up the Royal Residence tomorrow. Another factor is that the communal TV aerial has passed its prime so requires renewing. I knew it was on the way out which is why I didn’t bother to try to fix it previously. I went up on the roof and fiddled around for a while before giving Georgia the bad news. Bona will have to get the RP shipshape for occupation as they plan to stay a couple of nights more. Good for me too as it rather cramps my style having them so close. They tend to go to bed very late which could cause me complications when I go out at 04:45. I’m hoping Mickey and Five will be inside with them and not roaming the camping all night.

I put together a big pot of food for the dogs this afternoon but got tied up with TV aerials so was unable to let it cool down. Consequently, I served up the individual portions then put the bowls on the roof to cool down. The dogs were filled with anticipation but soon calmed down. They are calm now as they’ve consumed the horrible concoction I assembled. Only Isabella is milling about picking up carob pods for her desert. She has certainly rediscovered her appetite.

I left Georgia and Lena watching the TV in The New Room having declined their offer to join them for food. My meal was already prepared and the thought of being with those two puffing away watching Greek TV which is very poor at the best of times, rather left me cold.

I shall now round up the dogs and bring them inside with me in case Mickey is allowed to roam around the camping. My supper is ready so I’ll stoke up my phone so that I can send this blog.


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