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We had to leave quietly today so as not to wake the neighbours especially as I heard later that Georgia was having problems sleeping and up and down much of the night. We manage to complete both walks without apparent detection and I made a quick dash to Krios via the hilly bit so as to be back before everyone came to work. This, as far as I know, I managed. It was very quiet out this morning when I was on my bike and I thought perhaps others knew something I didn’t. I was not stopped but I had a couple of declarations on my phone with different time stamps so I could use the one that would fit in with my location if stopped. I don’t think there are many policemen about in Kountoura as a rule. As of 4 May, we no longer have to provide a declaration and can move around unrestricted within the Chania Province. To go elsewhere requires paperwork. It is not possible to come to the island at present.

Back at the camping, I fed the dogs as I’d prepared two meals the previous day. There was more food than I anticipated but it was all gobbled up very quickly.

The guy came to sort out the TV antenna replacing the little box on the aerial and repositioned it correctly. Georgia came to me for keys as the air conditioning man was present to carry out annual maintenance. I took the opportunity to visit Georgia’s residence whilst the dogs were locked away. Only one would actually eat me but the others might join in if the opportunity arose. The winter flooding had swamped the floor of Georgia’s external area which had fried the power supply and cable for the WiFi. I replaced the RJ45 plug on the data cable and swapped out the damaged power supply. I needed to get in to her residence in order to reset the access point as it was orphaned once the old controller lost the plot. It’s now properly installed on the new setup so all we need now is some Internet access which I understand will be operating again tomorrow morning.

Georgia and I went to the office to play with some keys and to find a missing key to the ISOBOX used as accommodation for staff during the season. We searched high and low and I eventually discovered an almost complete set of keys under a load of stuff in one of the desk drawers. We agreed that the entire key situation was a complete shambles and something needs to be done. Georgia suggested starting from Zero by changing all the locks and keys but that would work out to be expensive. It’s really just a matter of checking all of the keys fit, labelling them and putting them in a proper key safe with labeled hooks. The present board with nails is not very satisfactory. Later, we looked into the workshop, which was actually turfed out last year, but has regressed to a nightmare again. No one knows where things are so materials are bought unnecessarily. Stuff is also stacked in the entrance making it difficult to walk to the end of the building. I know this as I have to turn on the water heater and stumble over all the clutter on the way to the electrical panel!

I eventually went back to the dogs who’d been split up due to Mickey’s presence. Otherwise, they all play a game where Mickey comes to the gate barking or stands the other side of the fence. Then there is a mass bark-in and lots of rushing about. We ended up with Obi and Oskar in the van. Luis and Skinny tied up on the decking and Isabella, Charlie and Fido in the Small Dog Compound. There was no change for Skinny or really Luis, as he often ends up being tied up to the kitchen unit.

I prepared their food for the next twenty-four hours then had a shower. It’s only 18:10 and the dogs are fed an my supper has just gone beep in The Pot.

I understand from Ursula that her ceramic hob has been remodelled due to the unexpected descent of a pot from above. She might even have to resort to using her Instant Pot which is presently lurking, still in it’s box. It was takeaway curry last night I’m told.

Other conversations with Georgia were about managing customers once the camping is allowed to open from 1 June. Apparently, tents must be at least 2m apart as must tables for a maximum of four diners per table. Once Greeks can move between Provinces and from the mainland to the islands, we may get some customers. It is felt that although welcome, few foreigners will come this year. In any event, July and August customers are mostly locals anyway and the foreigners wait for September/October.

We should not get ahead of ourselves as a lot could happen very quickly so we could find ourselves back in LockDown once more: this time locally rather than nationally. Crete is particularly vulnerable due to the disposition of the health facilities and years of austerity. I was gladdened to read that Mr Johnson’s poor response to the Lurgy was due to his corpulent person. It was stated that persons of a fuller physique are more prone to suffer more serious symptoms. Apparently, more than 50% of Britains are overweight or obese which perhaps explains the higher death rate..

I see in my camera that some hair cutting is going on adjacent to the bar. The lads working in the camping are staying over so it’s probably them.

I shall gather up the hounds and go inside to consume my repast.


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