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Only a sheet but lots of mosquitoes last night. Even watching the Box it was quite warm so I tentatively opened the large roof-light at the rear of the van. When it came to bedtime, we could have done with the door open but with Skinny inside he would have done a midnight runner over the fence. He seems to like coming inside in the evenings and goes all soppy(ier) when I mess with his ears.

I was quite warm enough with just a sheet but the mosquitoes were driving me mad. I’d forgotten to put on my anti-mosquito device which seems to distract them if nothing else. I look forward to the arrival of my mosquito net and also my hammock with mosquito net for sleeping outside. The Chinese appear to have the Lurgy under control so I’m hoping thing will come in reasonable time again. If they want to get their economy going again at least.

The morning walk was pleasant if not cloudy although I managed to see some planets, briefly. Mars has taken third place behind Jupiter and Saturn and Venus is currently rising in the evening. We’re in the lunar first quarter at present so it’s still dark in the morning. That said, I’m pleased the LockDown requirements are easing since it’s now getting light by the time we come back from the first walk.

The end of the second walk became damp although we’d done plenty of walking by then anyway and Skinny might have started to melt if we’d stayed out in the rain too long. By the time the rain had stopped it was too late to go on a bike ride and the nearby roads would have turned into a quagmire.

I fed the dogs from the food prepared from the previous evening. My present feeding regime is to make up two meals-worth in the afternoon. The idea behind this is that I can then cook my supper and breakfast before the Pot is used again for the dogs. I was using the inner pots at the beginning which meant they had to be washed up before I could cook my own food. Also, I could prepare enough for only one Doggy Dinner. Using the main pot, I can prepare more food less often. When I eventually get my solar panels installed, I’ll be able to use the sun to do the cooking!

I’m not quite sure where the morning went but I remember reading the papers and other important material, mostly to do with tourism as we should soon be in a situation to actually start the season. I think flying is going to be an ordeal although it would be great to have a free seat next to you so long as you don’t have to pay for it. It’s not going to be easy this summer.

Jurgen, who stayed at the camping and went to live on Gavdos sent a message to see if I was up for a chat later. He arrived around 15:00 and we sat up in the shade outside the office practicing Social Distancing. He had to return to Germany for medical treatment recently so had completed a fourteen day quarantine on his return. He has now acquired a house near Kantanos from his dentist in Chania. The house belonged to the family and requires a little loving. Jurgen is well again but has gained a considerable amount of weight due to his illness which he’s trying now to loose.

The doggies were amazingly quiet when I came back to the compound. The pussies attacked me on the way in but the dogs, especially Skinny, sat patiently as I served up their dinners. Luis tried to be patient but he’s not very good at it where food is concerned. Isabella, Charlie and Oskar spent the day in the SDC but Fido managed to refrain from barking so was allowed to remain free. Luis was the first to find himself with limited freedom.

Tomorrow is 1 May bringing in the Holiday Weekend which explains why LockDown ends on Monday. The camping is officially closed however we appear to have a couple of unofficial guests – friends of Georgia. I think he’s the refrigeration and air conditioning man.

Even though it’s not been too much of an ordeal being on LockDown in the camping, I’m looking forward to not having to skulk about first thing in the morning in case there is some busybody intent on making trouble and being able to go on longer rides will also be a bonus.

The Apple Watch monthly challenge is not going to be completed even though I had intended to. I arrived on the last day of the month to discover the task points countdown has left me with something like 160 minutes of exercise for the last day! Given the fact it was raining this morning and I can’t just disappear off up the mountains due to the LockDown, I’m not going to be able to do it. In the past, I’ve just divided the total goal by the number of days to keep track of my progress. This time, I relied on the little daily recommendation which has an annoying habit of including the present day in the number of days left to divide the remainder. You can wind up at 23:59 on the second-to-last day of the month with a notification to say you have to complete 85 minutes per day to achieve the goal. One minute later, on the last day of the month, it then says you have 170 minutes to do to achieve the goal. 85 minutes is doable but 170 minutes would require a serious bike ride after the 7km walk and probably an Evening Walk too! Talking of which, we can do Evening Walks from Monday onwards!


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