Welcome to May Day!

I was under only a sheet again last night and still pestered by Mosquitoes despite having a cull at bedtime. I must have terminated half-a-dozen minimum. I was a little chilly but failed to wake up enough to reach for the lighter fleecy blanket. It was a lovely morning with enough breeze to keep the livestock at bay and prevent overheating. The thicker fleece which usually goes on top has sat on my bed for several days and I even rode into Paloechora without it too!

The walk proceeded at expected so I was on my way to Petrakis and arrived at 07:27 for their 07:30 opening time. I never need to worry as they invariably open earlier than the stated time the only problem can be that not everything is on the shelves in the greengrocery department which I usually frequent. I was getting low on fresh food so bought some spinach for this evening, broccoli and carrots. There were no cabbages which was a shame. I can buy bigger vegetables now as I’m sharing them with the dogs. They ate the stem from the broccoli and will get the trimmings from the spinach tomorrow. By the time it’s all churned up and cooked, they couldn’t care less and, if you saw some of the stuff they guzzle down, you’d understand what I mean!

Today is a holiday so there were few people about: another reason why I wanted to get out early. I noticed the kerbing for the road is progressing and look forward to see how they deal with the small bridges which cross the streams as well as the hanging rock which has now acquired some sprayed markings. It’s still quite a challenge navigating the section of road near to the camping. I understand, contrary to my previous comments, that the front boundary wall and entrance gates still have to come down and be reinstated something like 750mm from the cycleway. This will require quite a bit of work and relocation of the electricity supply and the telephone pole. Georgia was unimpressed as she has enough on at present just trying to get the camping operational whilst following the COVID protocols for accommodation and food production.

Breakfast was a fairly late affair due to feeding the dogs and preparing my breakfast after my Paleochora visit. There was little left of the morning. Isabella, Oskar and Charlie obligingly went into the SDC so I was able to leave them in there. Luis, the unrestrained found himself tied to the unit early on and remained there all day. I let him off after his food so he ran straight to the gate to bark at the cats. He’s now cooling his heels in the van. He will never change…

The Jurgen hard disk contains a lot of interesting material from his collection so I set my laptop to copy the content to my 4TB NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive. When I discovered it would take around two days to copy if I plugged the disk into my laptop I felt that an alternative solution was required. It is possible to plug the hard drive directly into the NAS and use the software to copy everything across and it takes only eight or so hours without tying up my laptop. There’s a new thing I learned today.

Andrea as in Rodney as in Hindhead and RHS has been concerned about their laptop for some while. Today, we finally got TeamViewer installed so that I could take a look at it to see why it is so slow. Unfortunately, it’s one of these products which is built to a price so has a specification which just does the job until you wish to do more than open a couple of Web pages or several applications. It is used by the girls for their school work which is quite important at this time. Children need fast tools or they become frustrated and give up. I suggested a memory upgrade may help but, like the Irishman when asked for directions, I wouldn’t have started from here! Better to have paid that little bit extra to get a slightly higher specification ending up with a more usable product. Andrea is the first to admit she’s a dunce at IT.

There was no work in the camping so no dust and strimmer chorus. As far as I can work out, the remaining sections requiring cleaning are the other side of the reception building far from me!

Georgia’s dogs are making a fearful racket which is great as now she can experience it firsthand. I’m sure she’s convinced Xanthippos and I make it all up. My lot, having been fed, are relatively quiet. The Brown Dogs are in the van, Oskar, Charlie and Isabella in the SDC and Skinny is with me under the awning. My spinach has just gone into the pot and the sun is slipping down below the yardarm. Georgia and her guests are scattered around the camping doing their thing. I shall soon retire inside and call it another day.


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