Under attack!

Before going to bed I carried out a sweep over all the van in search of mosquitoes as I was determined to eliminate as many as possible. As soon as I started to read from my phone another appeared from nowhere but was soon dealt with. I knew I hadn’t got them all but had significantly reduced their numbers. I hid under my bedclothes to avoid the Little Blighters and could hear them circling overhead but at least they were no biting me! In the morning I started to get up and was immediately under attack by what seemed like a squadron of them so I put my shirt on before leaving my bed then dressed as quickly as possible. With my torch I found several lurking on the ceiling and disposed of them. They are getting in from somewhere and I mean to find out where!

The Early Walk was fairly uneventful other than Isabella got a little bored and tried to revert to her former, quite annoying behaviour, of ‘attacking’ Fido or Obi. I’ve been leaving her free on the Early walk as she generally follows me dutifully and keeps up. Having one fewer dogs on the lead is a blessing so I’m not in a hurry to have her back on the lead. It became cloudier as times passed and there appeared to be a buildup to the west which might even have delivered a little rain before long.

To get a better idea as to how much we walk, I divided the walk up into several workouts rather than simply record the entire event as one workout. The results for the individual stages were as follows:

1. All dogs from the camping around 1.5 times 04:48 – 05:24 = 1.80km
2. Fido and Obi with Skinny a further 2 times round 05:24 – 05:53 = 1.80km
3. All dogs back to the camping 05:53 – 06:11 = 0.85km
4. Skinny and Isabella out, 2 times round, then back 06:11 – 07:13 = 2.64km

Total distances walked by each group:

Slow Group: Oskar, Charlier and Luis = 1.8 + 0.85 = 2.65km
Medium Group: Fido and Obi = 1.8 +1.8 + 0.85 = 4.45km
Indefatigable Group: Skinny and Isabella = 1.8 +1.8 + 0.85 + 2.64 = 7.09km

I fed the cats, then went for a ride to Krios via the Bone Yard AKA Kountoura Cemetery. There was nothing happening at Krios with only a few people about. But it is a Holiday Weekend, so hardly surprising. That said, Alexie was working at the camping as was Xanthippos who was bemoaning the later arrival of a tool he’d purchased for dealing with tile cuts in difficult places. Ordered ages ago but held up by the courier company who suggested he might like to come to Chania to collect his item. Xanthippos politely reminded the individual that he’d paid for delivery to his home so was not up for spending most of a day travelling to Chania and back. I’ve had this several times with one suggestion that I might like to pick up my item from Iraklion!

The day has been warm and sunny but has now turned a little windy. The top temperature is 23.1℃ with a low of 16.2℃. The dogs have been divided up again today due to the continued and annoying presence of Mickey who derives pleasure in coming to ‘visit’ to stir up the dogs.

Following my weekly telephone conversation, I thought I’d get ahead by preparing the doggy dinner for tonight and tomorrow. I bunged it into the Pot but made the mistake of adding turmeric and then stirring the mixture. This causes some of the turmeric to go to the bottom of the pot where it sticks and causes the pot to switch off. I realised the pot had switched itself off only after quite a while so any advantage I might have had was lost. I decanted as much of the mixture into the two smaller pots which then go inside the larger one which has water at the bottom. All of this required loads of additional washing up so I was pretty annoyed with myself for forgetting about spices causing the pot to switch off. My supper is now in the Pot having washed up the inner pots yet again. I have not been able to cook the entire batch of food as the two smaller pots do not equal the size of the larger one. Consequently, I shall have to cook the remainder tomorrow morning. It is the last of the chicken so I’m hopeful Antonis will drop off the food he picked up on Thursday. Partly me fault as I suggested he didn’t make a special trip out to bring it to me so he has probably taken me at my word.

Georgia and Lena are still residing in T1 although this has not, as yet, presented any problem other than Mickey’s little visits to see everyone. I’m hoping that, with the Holiday Weekend over, they will all disappear home tomorrow and I be left in pieces for the final month of the camping being closed and without customers. I appreciate there will be more activity before the camping opens however I’m uncertain as to how many punters will throng the camping this summer.

Isabella has at last realised I’m not going to let her out of the SDC and has settled down. Mickey has been absent for quite a while which is a blissful relief. The Pot is ready so time for some food.


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