Monumentally lazy Sunday

My efforts to cull the mosquitoes paid off since I was disturbed less than previously. I was still annoyed as soon as I put my head above the parapet to get dressed. The Early Walk was slightly different from the day before as Fido didn’t seem to be very active today so I demoted him to the Slow Group so that he could stay behind and relax as the others walked. Obi too seemed to be dragging a little so he may also be demoted tomorrow if he doesn’t get his act together.

I was feeling a little lazy but managed to cycle a little way up the mountain. The view was good but some clouds were building to the west. I met the German guy who I have now discovered will be 71 in July. I have yet to find out his name. We chatted a while whilst I petted his dogs. He says he uses 20kg/month of dry food. The same amount used to last me around ten days however I’m using a lot less now that I’m giving them cooked food.

I fed the dogs then prepared breakfast. Alex came for the keys to the office. All-in-all, it was a pretty exciting morning as I fell asleep once I’d eaten my breakfast. I rigged up my BlueTooth speaker so that I can hear the sound from the computer inside, outside on the decking. Also, there seems very little point having the larger speakers powered up all day for nothing.

When I wasn’t asleep, I spent some time reading interesting things on the Internet as well as looking at how the Government plans to proceed during the next couple of months. I think they are hoping for the EU to figure out a common policy for the bloc as it would seem more sensible than each state having different rules. As for the UK, well…

This should be a copy of a document created by the Government. It’s very well done

As of tomorrow, we will be able to move around the regional unit but not travel to any islands which form part of that unit. If all goes well, it will be possible to travel the whole of Crete in a couple of weeks. Not terribly interesting for me but others who found themselves trapped elsewhere may think differently. We no longer have to carry a declaration as to why and where we are moving about.

It is mandatory to wear a mask in enclosed public spaces and on public transport. A little tricky for me since the mask I ordered from China has yet to arrive. This mask is washable and has replaceable filters. It is intended for cycling. I can’t see everyone in the supermarket wearing a mask as even the staff stopped doing this quite early on. They wear gloves and have perspex screens on the chuckouts.

There is no apparent movement of the assembled camping inhabitants to return home as was my hope. Mickey has visited several times today but I just left the dogs to bark at each other. Luis is sulking in the area behind the windscreen in the van as I banished him inside for barking at the cats. The other dogs are sleeping having just stuffed down their dinners.

I’ve added the broccoli and courgettes to the rice mix in the Instant Pot and restarted it for a further two minutes. Once it’s done, I shall retire inside to choose my entertainment for the evening. I suspect I shall not feel too sleeping for a while since today has been rather relaxed.

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