Peace at last!

Last night’s viewing was Cracker (1993) solving his first case: the guy who was murdering young women on the train. Did we really have cars like that back then? Cracker was followed by Open All Hours (1976) with some even older cars! It was the episode where Arkwright leaves Granville in charge of the shop whist he attends a funeral.

It was great to go out the morning without being under pressure to be back before daylight. I was beginning to feel a little like a vampire who must return to his coffin before the first rays of sunlight or turn to dust. We all stayed out for the duration of the entire walk this morning which made the walk slightly shorter in distance as there was no need to return at halftime. I walked all of the dogs around one-and-a-half times then continued with Skinny and Isabella for three complete circuits. Obi and Fido are relegated. I picked up all of the dogs and completed another circuit whilst letting them off the lead one at a time. Fido was the first off after which I saw a fisherman lurking nearby. The dogs appear to have ignored him so we continued on our way. When we reached the end of the Promontory, I let the remainder off except for Skinny and Obi and we all managed to come back after we’d walked over the rocks. I was considering going out his evening but got a little bogged down with preparing their and my food.

I went into Paleochora for some shopping and saw how rigorously Petrakis were adhering to the mask regulation. Supposedly, both customers and staff should wear a mask. I think I saw one member of staff sporting a mask correctly. I would have used my neck tube to cover my mouth and face if necessary. I usually wear one when out on my bike to stop my neck getting cold due to the wind. Early on a Monday morning is a great time to go shopping as there is a huge delivery of fresh produce lined up outside the store. I picked up some spinach, a cauliflower and a cabbage. I also have some broccoli left. I did a quick tour of Paleochora then set off back to the camping. Work on the road progresses apace…

I fed the dogs, made breakfast and then ate it. My morning was not terribly busy with the major diversion being a visit from Georgia. Rather than try to talk over the fence, I walked round to T1 where they are still camped out. I understand Lena and Georgia will be back in two or three days as they have things that require their attention at home. We discussed websites and messages to customers. The camping will reopen officially on 1 June in line with government direction. Georgia will hear how many people will be allowed on the camping and how much accommodation should be set aside in case there is a need to isolate anyone suspected of having The Lurgy. She will also be informed of the other requirements for the restaurant, beach, toilets etc. She tells me there have been a few enquiries from Greek customers who wish to come for the high season. We should have a better idea when Georgia and Lena return. Apparently, Mickey says he enjoys being at the camping much more than in Chania where he spends a lot of time indoors and has to walk on a lead. He also enjoys driving me around the bend with his ‘visits’.

The strimmers were busy again today. Their next job is to thatch the shading areas with palm leaves and treat the woodwork of the cabins with linseed oil. Xanthippos continues with his tiling. So much for being finished in a ‘couple of days’! As for the plumbing to the wc/shower cubicles moved back in January, I knew it would be left until the last minute. I need to sort out some cables as there is now less than one month and I’m told the reception office is getting a makeover so I’d better make a mess in there before that happens.

It’s been a lovely day with a high of 24℃. There has been plenty of sunshine but also a little wind. The forecast is boasting temperatures over 25℃ next week!

My supper is nearly cooked, the dogs fed and snoozing so it wonderfully quiet and calm…

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