Beautiful Day

Antonis called yesterday evening to drop off Isabella’s special food and tell me that my metalwork will be delivered today or tomorrow. He called the number of the property up by the reservoir. There are 10 stremmata ( 10,000m2) which is huge. One plot is €70,000. Antonis tells me another reservoir is planned nearby and he warned me it would be very windy. Not that I wish to build a property but a plot must be more than four stremmata (4,000m2) in order to do so. Having the ability to build increases the value of the land for resale. He mentioned another plot nearby which is more sheltered and has a small secure storage unit. The plot is flat with greenhouses on two sides and a three-storey apartment to the east. To the north, is the road with the reservoir on the other side.

Storage unit with greenhouses to the south. The fence, though typically Greek, may require some attention.
Storage unit with greenhouses to the west. The road is very quiet. Even Skinny might have trouble getting out of here!

Antonis says he’s still looking and trying to find something closer to the sea. I just want to get a feel for what is available and there is no immediate rush to do anything. With the current economic situation prices are likely to be depressed.

I rode up the mountain a little way and then down to Krios where I found Gregor (The German Guy) and his dogs. I failed miserably as far as the dogs are concerned as I had no biscuits to give them. We looked around the beach buildings which are in need of some love and repair. There are unlikely to be many tourists this year so it will probably remain as it is until next season.

I went back to Grammeno, took the washing out of the machine, fed the dogs and made some breakfast. By the time I’d eaten, there was little or no morning remaining. It was warming up nicely with plenty of sunshine to dry my washing. The top temperature for today is 27.2℃ making it the hottest of the year. I wondered why it was so light this morning and then it dawned on me it was the moon. Not that it hung around very long as it was near to setting.

Following all the activity of the morning, I lost an hour or so and joined the dogs who were also out of it. All very calm and quiet.

I was more productive in the afternoon as I watered Janne and Erica’s plants, petted the cats, prepared the Doggy Dinners, cut my hair, had a shower, took in the bedding and made my bed. Later, I served the doggy dinners and put them on the roof to cool then folded up all the clean laundry. What a busy chap am I!

My supper is now ready so I shall go and eat it.

In a reclining chair on Janne and Erica’s decking with a relaxed pussy digging his claws into my right thigh

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