Something fishy…

It’s full moon today so there was plenty of light first thing. Until the sky clouded over and the moon disappeared. There was an interesting phenomenon. As I looked at the sky I could see a shape very much as one might imagine for a flying saucer. If I were an adherent of the flying saucer brigade, I might have been convinced. Having my feet firmly planted on the ground, I knew it was merely an interesting gap in the cloud through which the moon’s light was shining. The dogs were unimpressed and, most likely, oblivious. We walked around in the New Normal Early Walk Protocol which means the dogs were let off at the end. It was another matter when it came to getting them back. Charlie, assisted by Fido, had discovered a particularly smelly fishy object which they were sharing. Oskar was nowhere to be seen so I set off back towards the camping with those who were there. I was soon joined by Fido and, eventually, Charlie put in an appearance. I attached Fido but Charlie continued to shadow us at a distance all the way back to the camping. I shut the inner gate but left the outer one open in case Oskar should reappear. I fed the cats then got on my bike for a quick spin along the Alonáki Beach road towards the car park. I spotted only IZO wandering along the beach in the distance. Charlie and Oskar were not to be seen. I went for my ride and met Gregor and his dogs on the return leg of the trip from Krios.

There was no sign of either dog when I reentered the compound so Isabella and I set off for the Promontory on an impromptu walk. She, of course, was delighted at the additional opportunity. Charlie just happened to be in the field, not far from the gate. Oskar, we later discovered was somewhere on the Promontory and just came charging up. We continued our circuit and even went over the rocks. It was a beautiful morning as the sky had mostly cleared so the rocks were an ideal diversion. I left Isabella free, hooked Oskar and Charlie onto a lead and we went back to the camping. Both Oskar and Charlie had been in the water and smelt fishy. Isabella had followed her nose and disappeared at great speed returning to give my leg a lick. Only later did I discover why the horrid fishy smell kept following me wherever I went. Isabella’s affectionate leg lick turned out to be an affectionate fishy leg lick so it was only once I’d washed off the smelly lick that life became more bearable. As it is, Charlie, Oskar and Isabella have been confined to the SDC all day yet I can still smell F I S H.

The day has been warm and sunny with no wind. There have been support calls so I’ve been quite busy. I found time to prepare the Doggy Dinners but have yet to prepare something for myself. The blue sky from earlier has become hazy and overcast but with no wind, it’s still very comfortably warm and possibly even sleep-inducing.

For the first time since LockDown began, we’ve been on an Evening Walk. There was no wind when I’d decanted the food and put it on the roof to cool. It was only when we were about to set off that the wind started to blow so I felt it a good idea to rescue the Doggy Dinners as I didn’t much fancy the idea of returning to discover them spread all over the decking below. I closed the SDC gate as I passed as I guessed I might need to be on hand to prevent any overenthusiastic dog helping themselves from the bowls on the table upon our return.

There were plenty of cars in the Grammeno Beach car park so I knew we wouldn’t be alone. The idea anyway was a quick run up to the end of the Promontory and back. I guessed correctly and can see that the Albanian fishermen are catching up on time lost during the LockDown. There was a couple on the beach with a dog on our return leg but all the dogs were on the lead so we passed without undue fuss.

Back at the camping, I closed the gate to the field and let the dogs go. Fortunately, I’d closed the gate because a certain Isabella headed directly for the food which had been left on the table to cool. Instantly she dragged down her bowl and was being assisted by Oskar to empty it. I had stopped only a moment to put Skinny on his line. I made it very plain to Isabella that this behaviour was unacceptable and she and Oskar were later confined to the SDC with their food. There they will remain until they appear suitably repentant.

The weather forecast shows that tomorrow will be windy and it would appear that the wind started this evening exactly on cue.

My food is in the Pot so should not be too long as I’d put it in before taking out the dogs.

I shall retire within to partake of a little televisual entertainment followed by so sustenance once it has cooked.


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