VE Day seventy-five years on

Skinny is in the Dog House as he helped himself to the plastic container left to cool on the table last night. He’d munched his way through half of it, having already had a good helping earlier. He realised I was unhappy and he spent the night outside rather than in the van. Oskar and Isabella were together in the SDC all night until we went for our walk. Oskar and Luis didn’t manage to find their way to the field gate in time so found themselves left behind. Luis made his displeasure felt as the wind was blowing from the north, I could hear him as we walked round. I brought the first wave back and put Oskar, Charlie, Fido and Obi in the van. Luis, Isabella and Skinny went for a quick circuit of the Promontory taking in the rocks. Luis and Isabella played nicely together once she worked out that ‘attacking’ Skinny resulted in her being placed back on the lead.

I took my bike to Krios having spent some ‘Quality Time’ with two of the pussies in the chair on Janne and Erica’s decking. The two of them managed to share and finally settled down to fall asleep. I was a little later going out than I’d intended. Tomorrow, I shall have to go shopping. Passing Antonis’ parents’ house I noticed his car so stopped to ask the status of my metal delivery. He said that Polychronis’ Albanians had delivered the metal to him but that he’d borrow a pickup and come either Tuesday or Wednesday to start work. We are a step nearer but I won’t hold my breath but will wait the see the whites of his eyes.

I was even later getting back so fed the dogs and then myself. My brunch was just that as the morning had completely evaporated.

The beginning of the afternoon was not terribly productive however the latter half was. I installed a new cable to serve the WiFi access point at reception which has been disconnected since I installed the south-facing camera which covers the lower entrance road. At the same time, I terminated the cable Manolis had run from his abode beneath the trees. I was not looking forward to having to drill a further hole through the reception wall as there are already a number of holes with other cables so the opportunity to sever a cable is very likely to present itself. I managed to push the new cables through an existing hole much to my surprise. I installed a new connection box, connected the cables and ran the new one over the roof and awning to the WiFi access point. Just as I was doing this, Georgia arrived so was able to find me hard at work. She rarely sees me working as she’s seldom here at the times I’m doing it. Xanthippos passed by with Georgia’s dogs and was asked if he’d finished the new showers to which he replied he hadn’t. There followed a typical Greek explosion which others might mistake for WW III. I’m sure they were the best of buddies again within the next few minutes.

I finished my new cable, tidied up then went for a shower as it was now past 18:00. Any chance of an Evening Walk had disappeared. I just wanted to get the dogs fed and feed myself. I’m obviously not feeding the dogs enough as both Isabella and Skinny are munching carob pods.

My supper is nearly ready so I shall declare this day officially nearly over and go collapse into a heap inside.

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