Go Luis!

The latest iteration of the Early Walk is to leave Luis behind and to take him out slightly later in the company of Skinny and Isabella. I found it so much easier to walk the others without Luis. It’s a little like driving a car with the handbrake left on! Yesterday, both Oskar and Luis were absent for the early walk, today only Luis. I managed to make the others complete two-and-a-half laps before leaving them tied up in the waiting area next to a sturdy bush. Skinny, Isabella and I continued on to complete a further two laps before heading back with the others. Luis was quiet when we returned but keen to get out as he probably needed to pee! I’d left the gate to the field open so he made a B-line for it and was wandering about in the field. I reacquired him, and Skinny, Isabella and I continued on our merry way. Once on the Promontory, I let Luis go off with Isabella. The difference today was that I had the ball-thrower and a tennis ball. I was amused by the spectacle of Luis being intercepted by Isabella as he ran to fetch the ball. Isabella has limited interested in the ball other than to prevent Luis from getting to it. With Luis on a lead, progress is slower than the proverbial snail. Throw a ball for him to run after and he’s the fastest dog you’ve seen. He needs to improve his fitness as there’s not been a lot of ball-throwing lately and walks have mostly been at a fairly slow pace due to his reluctance to get a move on. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. A result for all really as the first walk is over more quickly and Isabella and Skinny have had enough exercise by the time Luis is added to the mix.

I went shopping at Petrakis as I was almost completely out of fresh food. The dogs had mostly kibble yesterday so I felt it time to do a little more interesting food for them. The amount of bowl-licking that goes on after they’ve eaten might give one the impression they enjoyed what they had. I might take to feeding them a little kibble in the mornings and interesting food in the evenings. I can make up two day’s worth in the pot so I’ll have to cook something for them alternate days making it more sustainable.

My trip to Paleochora was uneventful as I was in the supermarket quite early so there were not too many people there. Mask-wearing doesn’t seem to be all that important and Social-Distancing is sometimes ignored. I don’t think there is any Lurgy locally so it’s not too much of a problem at present.

The road improvement technicians were busy as I rode back and are concentrating their efforts on the section between the camping and the beginning of the Grammeno area. With the amount of shopping I was hauling in my bags, I needed to ride slowly due to the state of the road. Hopefully, soon, some sections will be tarmacked as they approach completion. Even if it’s not the final phase, there will be less dust and more progress. I passed a large, wooden drum containing the fibre-optic cable used to replace the recently-damaged section.

I was waylaid by Litsa as I came back into the camping as she wanted to try out Xanthippos’ WiFi camera. She hopes to monitor their area from their home. I suggested she didn’t need such a sophisticated camera as this is a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) device which can be controlled from a smartphone via an app. We fiddled around for a while but I needed to get back as the dogs were in the van and I wanted to get some breakfast before making my weekly phone call home. I scooted off promising to return later to put a plug on the end of their ethernet cable and set up a small access point for them. I hoped they’d buy one of the APs I use for the camping but they bulked at spending €100. I didn’t pay that much as I bought several from a foreign company so paid less.

I managed to finish my breakfast before midday so was ready to make my weekly call.

I prepared the Doggy Dinners before going up to fit a plug for Litsa’s ethernet cable and set up their Access Point. Then we got into setting up their Smart TV so that they could put on NetFlicks for their grandchildren and find something different when there’s nothing on the TV. We struggled around the TV menu system in Greek for a while then changed the menu language to English so that I could understand it better. Setting up in Greek is quite difficult when the person with you is not very technically inclined. We got there in the end so they can now watch Internet TV in bed and they have a decent WiFi signal.

A large truck arrived and unloaded a massive refrigerated display cabinet with sliding doors. This is to replace the horrid coca cola display unit which is quite good at cooling but is well beyond its best-before date!

Most of the afternoon had disappeared so I went back to the dogs who’d been mostly patient during my absence. I decanted the food and left it to cool on the roof. I made sure the food for tomorrow was well out of harm’s way.

Lena must have arrived as I notice we now have Mickey back again. Georgia was on her own in her pickup yesterday. Some other cronies have also come for the weekend it would appear.

Luis, Fido and Oskar are now inside the van and Charlie is patrolling the wooden fence should Mickey try to put in an appearance.

I’ve not prepared anything to eat as yet so need to get on with it.


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