Ride to Spaniakos

Our Early Walk went a little over the top as I lost count of the number of circuits so we walked over 8km all told. Another aspect was that Skinny sprang his collar as I’d left him tied to some rocks whilst throwing Luis’ ball. He, quite innocently, wanted to charge after Isabella but reached the end of his tether and sprang the nylon collar as I’d already released him from the metal prong collar. We didn’t see him again until I returned from my ride. He was enjoying himself nearby charging up and down the beach as people arrived for their Sunday relaxation. Not that many people as it was still quite early.

I fed the moggies and took my bike to Spaniakos for a little ride up the mountains. I wasn’t very organised so had topped up the battery between the first and second walks which resulted in about an extra hour’s charge. I went the hilly route over the steep incline where Georgia’s mother lives but didn’t want to use up lots of battery at the beginning so economised. There was a slight northerly breeze as I headed north up the road towards Kantanos. It seemed to have got steeper since the last time I was there. By contrast, the steep section from the main road up to Spaniakos and Sascha’s plot didn’t seem quite so steep. It was a lovely Sunday morning so it mattered little anyway. I took some comparison photos to see the changes since my previous visit. I can see that the lower terrace has made quite a bit of progress and the walls are looking good. One day, Sascha and Steffi might actually get to move in there!

Lower wall and middle terrace showing rebuilt section of wall

I continued up the mountain and joined the main road further north so I had a wonderfully long downhill run all the way back to Paleochora. I was in two minds whether to go back via Paleochora but decided instead to go the steep route the way I came as I still had plenty of battery to help me up the hill. I could see that there has been a little construction work which appears to look like a new road. It brings the road right up to the fence of one of the properties. They must be well pleased!

Back at the camping, I was greeted by Isabella waiting ‘patiently’ by the compound gate. The others, except Skinny, were in the van. I went to look for Skinny before entering the compound to be waylaid by Xanthippos who was in a chatty mood. Better than working I suppose. He explained all about bee-keeping. He tells me he has four bees at present which didn’t strike me as that many. He assured me that the whole bee-keeping thing was quite expensive as the bees require feeding during the first part of the season whilst the flowers are coming out. All this started because I commented on the 2kg of sugar he had hanging over the bars of his Trusty Steed. Apparently, most of the honey commercially available, except from specialist outlets, consists of honey from bees fed on sugar. The aim is to give them a good start by feeding them sugary water then stop so that the honey is purely from the flowers. Continuing to supply sugar enables the bees to produce more honey but of far lower quality. I’m much wiser today.

I released the dogs and fed them then heard the sound of a familiar bark from the beach so went to investigate. Skinny had had enough as he wandered up to me, I attached him to a lead and we walked back with him leading all the way. There was the usual homecoming excitement especially from Isabella who gets on well with Skinny. In fact, I was thinking how well they all get on everything considered. Isabella has less bounce now that she’s more grown up and Skinny’s initial dislike of her has turned into a good friendship. Last night, for example, Isabella, Skinny and Luis were playing together. Previously, I couldn’t have thought of a more unlikely combination!

There was very little morning left by the time I ate my breakfast having made two trips to reception to let the electrician into one of the rooms to install a couple of new breakers. He turned the power off for a little while as I heard my inverter switch over to battery mode so I knew when I could go back up to lock the door.

Other than Georgia coming to see me for some keys, there was no further contact with the outside world other than the occasional visit from Mickey to get all the dogs barking. There is another dog here too which adds to the mix.

I spent much of the afternoon on a series of little jobs all of which required sitting in front of my laptop in the sun. I reckoned I’d had enough exercise considering my extended walk and trip up the mountain.

The dogs had kibble this morning and interesting food this evening with a little more kibble. I shall spring up in a moment, let Luis go for a pee, check the cats are fed then get the dogs inside as they cannot be left outside when Mickey and the other dog are in town as the temptation is too great for them. Under normal circumstances, Mickey and the other dogs would not be free in the camping but as there are no proper customers present, the rules are relaxed.

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