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The moon was virtually overhead as we walked out this morning but it’s diminishing rapidly so I’ll need a torch again soon. The upside is that sunrise is now 06:23 so it’s starting to get light from around 05:45 depending on the cloud cover. It was hazy today so only a few stars and the odd planet were visible.

Our walk was shorter then yesterday’s as I kept track of what was going on and didn’t drift off into my thoughts. Luis was pleased to go for a walk but showed reduced and quite limited interest in his ball today. I think the previous couple of days has stiffened him up a little. We were back in good time so I was able to relax for a few moments before feeding the cats and then disappearing off for a bike ride.

My ride today, took me in the direction of Sklavopoula as far as the Bone Yard (AKA cemetery) and then back down to Krios where I visited the church perched above the beach on the hill. I’ve been there before but just wanted to do it again.

Inside the church which has recently been repainted and tidied up.

I met Gregor and his two dogs as I headed back. He was on his way to Krios to do a little painting at the beach installations. I arrived back at the camping and went for a shower. The amount of dust and mud is quite extensive so I used the shower rose to spray some water about just in front of the door so at least I didn’t have to tread in all the dust and dirt with my clean feet.

I let out the dogs and fed them some kibble but it wasn’t long before Mickey arrived at the other side of the wooden fence and then at the compound gate. That really winds the dogs up. Mickey was eventually called away by Lena but I separated them putting a couple inside and in the SDC to ensure peace for the remainder of the day.

Other than a brief chat with Dimitris where I learned that Georgia is under the weather due to stress, the morning had little to report except it was warm and sunny despite the rather uninspiring start. That said, I cleaned most of the mud off my bike as I’d forgotten what colour the paint is.

I managed to keep busy with lots of fiddly IT jobs and some very minor support calls. Not very demanding to say the least.

I prepared the Doggy Dinners but then forgot to remove the pot so their food is a little warm still so sitting on the roof to cool down. Isabella is stressing as she considers she should be up there eating it. The metal bowls were so hot I had to carry them one at a time by the rims.

There is a great deal of doggy activity from around the bar area which I suspect is mostly from Mickey aided and abetted by the smaller, brown dog. Probably due to alien dogs on the beach I should imagine.

Tomorrow, we might have the excitement of Antonis and his Little Playmate who might actually pitch up to progress my solar panel installation. I am not, however, planning to hold my breath. After all, I’ve only been waiting for around seven months! Think of all the electricity I would have saved had he arrived earlier. Maybe I should suggest he reimburse me for the loss. I can see that working well!

Marion and Friedrich who have been staying with their monster truck on the Grammeno Beach car park for the past few weeks, are planning to move off tomorrow in the direction of Chania and The White Mountains. They’ve become a bit of a fixture around here and IZO has been camping out under their truck so he’ll need to find alternative accommodation. There should be some customers in the camping in a couple of weeks so I’m sure he’ll find someone to play with.

Skinny’s relaxing on a blanket following his supper but Charlie and Isabella are still in the SDC for a little while longer. Luis has just been jailed for making a racket. I gave all the dogs worming tablets which I carefully mixed up with their food which also contained a little kibble to complete the disguise. Only one dog failed to eat his worming tables – Luis! Isabella, on the other hand, cannot possibly have noticed anything as she gobbled down her food. She’s having the recommended amount of special food for pancreas cases as well as a bucket full of what I’ve prepared. The difference now is that the chicken portion is shared amongst all of the dogs between two meals so is somewhat diluted.

With all the fiddling around earlier, I’ve managed to solve a couple of problems which have bugged me for a little while. One was the stuttering video on the CCTV which appeared only to affect my iPad and the other was a way to view all of the CCTV cameras from my van TV screen. It’s not something I do all the time but is quite handy. I could always view one at a time but not all at once.

Isabella has finally stopped fussing about coming out so I’ll let her out now. Oskar is quietly on the decking looking pretty much like a dog who’s had a good meal. Charlie was out all last night and seems happy on his own in one of the kennels. He doesn’t bark of cause a problem so can do as he pleases.

I see Dimitris in the gate camera is watering plants. There has been lots of activity in the camping to get ready to open on 1 June. Naturally, things have been left until the last minute so there’s plenty that needs doing so there’ll be a big panic and plenty for Georgia to get wound up about. I’m hoping the Royal Residence will soon be cleaned up so that I don’t have Georgia and Lena in such close proximity in T1 and hence Mickey hanging around on the other side of the fence.

I shall now retire within to eat my supper…


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