Florence: 200 years today!

The first time out this season in short shorts for the Early Walk. I didn’t feel at all cold and any wind was warm anyway. I noticed how warm later, when out on my bike. The Early Walk followed the same pattern as yesterday covering 7.61km for Skinny and Isabella with the others covering a couple of km less. Luis was more enthusiastic about playing with his ball assisted by Isabella who was very lively today. She decided to bark at Skinny for a while but she’s been practicing her bark and now it’s really quite loud. Far too loud for that time of the morning so I asked her to be quiet. It was a beautiful morning as we walked over the rocks accompanied by the choruses of the gulls sitting on nearby rocks.

I took my bike to Krios but not very far up the mountain as the battery was getting flat so I turned back. I ran back to Krios with the assistance power turned off where I met up with Gregor and his dogs. He was telling me he’d used up all the blue paint and could do with more. Soon afterwards, the guy that runs the kantina showed up with five litres of paint. I left at this point to go back for a shower and to feed the dogs.

Marion and Friedrich were leaving at 12:00 so I made breakfast so that I could bid them farewell before their chosen midday departure time. The dogs were conveniently quiet whilst I went to the Grammeno car park to say good by. Marion set off to Chania to return the hire car and Friedrich showed me around their truck. The truck had very few miles when he purchased it as it had been used as a military airport fuel bowser with a huge tank strapped to the back. Friedrich bought a radar cabin which had only the radar equipment removed. He stripped out loads of cables and other equipment before starting his conversion project. He did all of the work himself over a period of three years and has done a great job. They live most of the time in this vehicle so he’d made it as comfortable as possible. The radar cabin was constructed with 10cm of insulation so they can live in it all year round regardless of the temperature. He installed solar panels and batteries together with an inverter for all of their electrical equipment. They have a boiler for heating and hot water. He has a compressor so that he can pump up his own tyres and use air hammers to remove the wheels. There are not too many truck breakdown vehicles when you’re on your own in the desert. I’m not sure when he actually got away but I didn’t leave until 12:30.

There were people arriving to use the beaches as I was on my tour. There have been distant voices coming from the beaches and the Promontory. It’s been a great day for the beach as today’s top temperature is 28.4℃ at Grammeno but 38℃ on the north coast at Heraklion. 30℃ plus is forecast from Friday. Standing talking at Krios there was a warm breeze rather than the cooler air that we’re used to. We could do with a decent summer this year to make up for all the bother people have had to endure so far. At least maybe the camping can break even…

The mosquitoes have started early this evening as it’s still quite light. I’m hoping my mosquito net will arrive quite soon as the blighters are very annoying at night.


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