At long last!

Men on my roof! Antonis and his sidekick aligning the frame which will hold my seven solar panels.

I sent a text to Antonis early morning asking if we would be having an erection today. He replied soon after to say that he’d be along around 11:00. During my trip to Paleochora and Petrakis, I bumped into Jurgen who said he’d pop round to see me to pick up his external hard drive. He hadn’t been with me long when Antonis arrived at 09:20(!) with his friend’s pickup carrying the metal for my solar panel construction. He and his oppo unloaded the metal then left to swap the pickup for his trusty car which carries all of his work equipment. They started work and Jurgen left as he had things to do. The frame was constructed on the decking and is seven metres long, slightly more, hopefully. Together, we hauled it up onto the awning roof and held it up there with some rope. The next operation was to level it up and weld it to the rest of the structure. Today’s top temperature is 29.7℃ (85.5℉) so Antonis was struggling a little. He says he will return tomorrow evening when it’s cooler to make other reinforcing measures including anchoring the foot of the structure to the roof. He says he will get the panels up on Friday…

The solar panel construction took up quite a bit of the day so little else has been achieved. I sat down for a rest after the dynamic duo left and promptly fell asleep. I woke up and prepared the doggy dinners then went for a shower. To my amazement, someone has cleaned the bathrooms and they look almost quite presentable. Still, the shelf hangs off the wall in the end shower and the drain is probably still blocked but at least they look a great deal more presentable than for a long time. My towel and flannel had disappeared but the flannel was threadbare and the towel slightly rat-nibbled along one edge so I won’t worry if I never see them again. I still have one remaining flannel from the collection kindly donated by Ursula some time ago. I said at the time I felt they might keep me going a while. Sadly, one was dognapped quite early on but now I’m able to enjoy breaking in a new one.

I was down to thin shorts and a polo shirt during the Early Walk but needed the light fleece for the bike trip to Paleochora later.

I took the opportunity to visit the PAWS puppy village after doing my shopping. I was greeted by six very similar-looking puppies together with some older puppies and some older dogs. Some of the older dogs were not very trusting as they may have had bad experiences. The puppies and the younger dogs were all over me. I didn’t have any treats but lots of tummies were rubbed and there was much activity. One of the older, less sociable dogs was up by my bike but I felt it might take a little time to engage with him so I got on my bike and pedalled off for Grammeno.

Puppies attacking my boots

The journey back was quite easy as I’d fully charged and balanced the bike battery earlier. It will be great once the road is complete but for now, other than the initial tarmacked section, it’s still hard going especially in the vicinity of the camping. A truck had offloaded a lot of material onto the road which was being spread and levelled by a large machine with big wheels and a scraper. The traffic just works its way around all of this so I was glad to be riding a powered mountain bike with huge tyres. The Vibro-roller was out later as I could feel it in the camping. Maybe there are plans to lay some more tarmack after all.

A large bowl of Doggy Dinner is cooling on the roof and Skinny has twice reminded my of his impending demise due to starvation. Now, we can’t have that so I’d better get myself going.


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