First swim of 2020

The night was quite warm even though the van door was open and I was just under a sheet. Completely under a sheet due to the mosquitoes buzzing around me despite the nightly cull before bedtime. Only Obi was outside as even Isabella decided she wanted to be inside for a change. Skinny managed to resist the temptation to jump over the gate which was a bonus.

Luis came out with all the dogs but was soon permitted to find his own way as he was slowing everyone down considerably. It was really quite warm with a very slight breeze. I was wearing only short shorts and a polo shirt and still felt warm. The mosquitoes were trying their best too. There seem to be a lot of them about this year. All of the dogs went 1.5 times around before being parked. Skinny, Isabella and I continued for another couple of circuits with Luis panting along as our rearguard. He is also guilty of cutting corners (couper le fromage) as he tends to veer from the prescribed exercise course. He completed more than the others but less than us. I took them all back then came out with Skinny and Isabella once I’d fed the pussies.

We completed one more circuit. I contemplated swimming from the Big Beach on the Promontory but a closer inspection revealed too many underwater obstructions which were all the more relevant given the present lunar cycle. We continued to Alonáki Beach where I tied Skinny to a rather dilapidated table where I left my phone and shirt. Isabella was wandering around as I entered the sea. It was bracing to begin with as the season is still young. Once acclimatised, it was fine for the duration of my six-minute session. Isabella joined me in the water for the briefest of moments which included lots of splashing around and a hasty exit. I’m no swimmer but she has some work to do before entering the Olympics. We returned to the camping where I got on my bike for a little trip up as far as the Bone Yard and thence to Krios. Gregor was there but had decided not to do any painting only water the trees. We chatted a while, he turned off the water and I left for Grammeno. Krios was very pleasant and there were people! A Greek couple who’d spent the night with their hammock and another guy in an inflatable boat fishing close to the beach.

There was a diversion on the road on my way back but in line with tradition, I took no notice of it an continued oblivious. The strange machine with the big wheels and the large plough-like blade was parked up a side road lurking. I should imagine another truckload of material is on the way for spreading. I’ve heard and felt the Vibro-roller most of the day so there’s some compacting going on. As far as I can make out, the new road goes only as far as the Anny’s Homes entrance where the cycleway looks as though it officially ends. There’s lots of work going on further up the road on the outskirts of Grammeno. Great lengths of shuttering as I suspect a large concrete wall will be required to prevent the road from falling into the nice peoples’ houses.

I sat for a while before letting the dogs out and happened to mislay thirty-minutes or so. Once the dogs were out, I made breakfast only just in time because the water was on super reduced pressure, just for a change… Thanks, as ever, to the Road Technicians. At least we were at full pressure again fairly quickly.

The remainder of the morning has been reasonably productive in a gradual way and has culminated in the production of the Doggy Dinners now heating up in The Pot.

Antonis is due to come at 17:30 so it would be good to have fed the dogs beforehand. Their food is still very hot so, unless he doesn’t arrive for some reason, they’ll have to wait until later.

Today is the hottest day of the year with a top temperature of 34.2℃ and I even have the small fan going. Fido’s whiskers are blowing in the breeze as he’s stretched out by my chair which Skinny is under. Luis is on the other side busy grooming himself. I shall need to rescue the larger fan/cooler unit from the storeroom and give it a good clean before setting it up for the hot weather.

There are sundry additional persons on the camping. Some are Georgia’s friends I think. Progress has been made in the bar area. I took a wander down that way this morning and can see in the cameras anyway. Work on the new showers appears to have paused. Xanthippos has finished the tiling so the cubicles are waiting on some doors and I understand, some plastic grass matting to go down in front so that less dirt gets trampled into the cubicles. Since there are likely to be fewer campers this season fewer showers would also be required. The shower/wc portable units moved back in January remain disconnected to any services but I should imagine they would not be that complicated to reconnect as there are already drains with hot and cold water nearby.

Antonis came and has welded on some brackets to stop the panels falling off the bottom rail of the racking – not a good idea! We put a couple of panels into position to see how it all goes together and took them down in case of unforeseen wind during the night. It’s as calm as anything at present so would probably have been fine. He says he’ll be along tomorrow morning at 08:30 to finish everything off. Then all I need to do is connect the panels together and we’re generating power!

Skinny and Isabella are playing nicely together on the decking and Obi is lurking about somewhere. The others are confined to the van as I just went for a shower. Georgia and dogs are still occupying T1 and some of her cronies are in a couple of the wooden cabins.

My supper is ready so I shall go inside to eat it. The dogs were fed as soon as Antonis left so are calmer now. They were very quiet whilst he was welding and cutting earlier.

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