Decision time

Isabella and Skinny stayed in last night and until 02:50 all was quiet. Isabella was possessed by an urgent calling about that time so I let her out. Naturally, no sooner had she returned then Fido needed to go too. I went back to bed as I know how easily he gets distracted from the True Path. He eventually returned so all was peaceful until the alarm at 04:30.

It was hotter outside than in as the fan was on all night. None of us was enthusiastic and Luis was released once we made it to the Promontory. There were a couple of vehicles on Alonáki Beach but not a lot else. We tramped around and I took them all back at 06:00. Skinny, Isabella and I went out again for a final circuit after I put my washing in the machine. Isabella got distracted by something on the beach so I found myself with just Skinny as we came back into the camping. Isabella was mooching about when I went back to Alonáki so I tied her to the table while I went for a swim.

The next operation was to clean the accumulated storage dust from the PV panels, put back the washing line and hang up the washing. This I did before departing for Petrakis for fresh veg. By the time I arrived, all the fresh produce was lined up outside the store so I got the pick of the bunch. I bought a cauliflower and a cabbage as well as apples and bananas.

It was getting quite warm by the time I got back to the camping so I made breakfast and had a little repose while it cooked. I’d almost finished eating when Georgia called me from over the fence so I went round.

Long story short: she’d brought some steam cleaning devices and it would appear that only I am capable of reading the instruction manuals. I took the manuals and went back to finish my breakfast. It was around 11:30 by this time so I was a little late again. I read the manuals and went back to show Dimitris how the kit works. The smaller device will not be man enough for the job so will be returned to the store. The other device will be fine. The steamer is intended to be used to deep clean during the summer season.

There followed conversations about the camping opening and the likely numbers which will be allowed to visit at any one time. I suspect Georgia would like to turn a profit despite the reduction of customers and the additional hygiene requirements imposed by the government.

My suggestion was to open but accept past customers and friends of the camping, initially from Crete only, where there are only nineteen recorded infections and then, selectively from Athens (Attica) which has the most recorded infections. Anyone outside of those groups would be told the camping has reached its allocated limit except those past customers or friends known to the management who are regular visitors. I suggested that careful consideration should be given to the restaurant menu and opening times. I mentioned contact only payment but that was not received with alacrity.

Other than a chat with Janne and Erica on the phone and a shower, the remainder of the afternoon has rolled by unhindered. Georgia and Lena are still camping out in T1 but I didn’t find out why.

There is a deputation of dogs in petitioning me for food so I’m unlikely to get any peace until I attend to them…

Isabella beach-combing on Alonáki Beach
Pretty poppies
Skinny, Luis and Isabella playing nicely and reasonably quietly

It’s more peaceful now that food has been dispensed. No effort on my part today as it was the other half of yesterday’s batch stored in the fridge overnight. I’ve prepared my own food and shall soon consider migrating to a more seasonal diet which would rely less on cooking and more on fresh salad. A cauliflower, a cabbage, six apples, two large garlic bulbs, six large courgettes and a bunch of large bananas came to around €10 (€1 = £0.95).

Due to interruptions, the washing is still on the line and should be taken in and my bed made. I’ve been a little slack today…

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