Nothing but snoring

I’ve been working on the cable from the van back to the storeroom for most of the afternoon. Fortunately, the going got easier and I was able to complete my excavations and install the new cable. For completeness, I wanted to connect the cable which required rejigging the shelves in the box which contains the gubbins that the cable carries the power for. As a consequence, the dogs were fed late as things ran a little longer than I’d hoped. They waited patiently, more patiently than the cats who started to make a racket until I gave in and fed them. The dogs finally received their food and I sat down after they’d eaten to check something on the computer in the van. When I woke up I found myself surrounded by nothing but snoring dogs. Usually,; Luis is the Master of the Snorers, however, this time it is Isabella who is stretched out the length of the rear seat with Fido. Both are flat out.

I shall be eating my supper later than I intended so it’s not just the dogs…

I was awake at 04:00 and we managed to be out for our walk just after 04:30. Skinny decided to jump the van gate and the compound fence so we didn’t see him until the others had had their walk. We completed a couple of circuits then I left Oskar, Charlie and Luis. The others came with me for another circuit but they too, began to flag so I collected them up and started to head back.

The only FreeLoader was the Czech guy whose other half is trapped in Prague having flown back before the CoVID business kicked off and was unable to get back to Crete. Apparently, they left home around one year ago. Now, he is marking time until she is able to get back to join him.

We walked down Alonáki Beach to the end and then back again. I’d let Luis off the lead as he was slowing everyone down, then Isabella followed by Fido. Luis and Fido went off to investigate the beach taverna and I carried on with the others and started to head back up the beach. Still no sign of Skinny.

As we got to the road which borders the field and heads up to the main road, Fido decided to go for a wander and Luis to join him. I took the others back and put them in the van and came back out with Isabella to look for Skinny who dutifully appeared. He wasn’t ready to surrender so continued to wander around accompanied by Isabella. Fido then turned up and I could hear Luis wailing from within the camping so went back to put him in the van with Oskar, Charlie and Obi. Meanwhile, Fido appeared so I put him in the van too. Isabella returned to wait patiently the other side of the closed gate. We set off to find Skinny who was just outside the gate to the field. He followed me back in but jumped the fence again as he wanted to see inside the storeroom. I removed him from there and put him in the van with the others. At last, all of the dogs were accounted for and I could head into Paleochora to pick up a few groceries and go to the hardware store.

Petrakis was quiet as it was around 08:00. I did my shopping and headed for the hardware store which was closed. I needed a trowel and some gloves so decided to wait. I’d been there about one minute when the nice lady turned up and opened the shop. It was very dark inside as the power was still off as I discovered when I left with the dogs to go for the Early Walk. I noticed the emergency lighting was on in Cedar Bay Villas and then that all the street lights were also off. It was great to walk without all that light pollution but I had to wander the hardware store with a torch to find the things I needed. I bought a trowel, two pairs of gloves and some rope for the sail shade. I’d inadvertently become the first customer as others who were waiting had given up just at the wrong moment. They’d since returned so were waiting outside the shop. Not really for social distancing reasons, just because there’s hardly any room in the shop due to display racks which hadn’t been put outside as well as all the stock crammed into every conceivable crevice of the shop.

A rode back to Grammeno, fed the dogs then fed myself. I was quite hungry for some reason. It was quite overcast and cool so I got on with the digging.

I seem to be very tired again but at least that job has been completed. I need to make some other wiring changes because it’s all still a bit of a mess as there are too many connectors because it’s been added to over time. But that’s for another day. Now for some supper before it’s time for bed!


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