Getting things done

We walked up the road to the Promontory without Isabella as she was feeling under the weather and had been sick in the night. She very kindly warned me of the impending event so I was able to let her out so she was able to perform in a less inconvenient location. There’s nothing like getting out of bed at 04:30 to step straight into a pool of cold dog sick!

We managed one complete circuit of the Promontory but the going was quite slow so I headed back towards the camping via Alonáki Beach. The bulldozer had been busy the previous day so there were new and interesting smells which were begging to be investigated. I released Oskar and Charlie this time and walked on down with the others. We clambered over the large rocky outcrop but I could see it was going to be problematic with so many dogs on the lead so turned back heading west towards the camping. Meanwhile, Charlie and Oskar were exploring the rather rundown beach bar and discovering all manner of forgotten bones and other such treasures. They were following but at a distance.

I took Luis and Skinny back and left them by the gate putting Obi and Fido into the van. Isabella felt inclined to follow us out into the field where we met up with Oskar and Charlie returning. I put them into the van with Obi and Fido and we set off once more. I had the ball-thrower with me as it’s been a few days since Luis had a workout. Isabella seemed to be recovering from her indisposition but not displaying her usual bounce or naughtiness. I decided to let Skinny off the lead while I threw Luis’ ball. Isabella loitered amongst the rocks and Skinny disappeared as if by magic.

Luis was quite active and charged around after his ball even going into the remnants of the water in the lagoon to retrieve it. When he started to flag, we set off over the rocks to go back to the camping. Skinny was not far away as I could hear Georgia’s dogs barking.

I put Luis in the van then got on with some cabling jobs outstanding for many months. In one week the camping will open so any work requiring attention needs to be completed before then. The overlong cables have been annoying me for some while so I cut them to a more manageable length and punched them down onto a patch panel inside the Comms. box on the storeroom wall. The box has been a mess of cables for too long and that will now change!

By 09:30, Skinny had put in an appearance and turned up outside the compound gate. I let him in and put him in with the other dogs. Once I’d done as much as I needed I let out the dogs and prepared my breakfast.

It was soon time for my weekly call home and I only had a very small portion of breakfast to finish.

I prepared the Doggy Dinners and put them in The Pot. I sat down and appear to have mislaid a part of the afternoon. The warmth and comfort of my chair together with the digging of the previous two days had sapped my desire to continue with my cable tidying activities. I managed to fix the laptop Georgia had given to me to look at a while ago. It was just a matter of fixing the cooling fan which was blocked by something.

The dogs are more selective about which cats they bark at and can differentiate between friend and foe. Georgia’s cat had dropped in to clean up after I’d fed ‘my’ cats but the dogs soon sent her packing. The return of Georgia has brought the lovely Mickey back to roam free in the camping. He loves to visit us on a regular basis. Each visit is greeted by plenty of barking from within. I just let them get on with it for a while before shutting them up. Mickey was visiting the storeroom just now so I went to be sure he was up to no good. He tried to chase away the fluffy mother cat so I chased Mickey away and then fed her high up on top of the defunct fridge/freezer used as storage.

In less than one month, on 21 June, it will be the Summer Solstice and the official beginning of summer. The days will then begin to shorten!


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