Happy Eid!

The day was a little early morning-heavy. There was only one group of FreeLoaders on the Promontory which I discovered once we’d left. They were nicely positioned out of the way facing east. We walked once around the Promontory and then proceeded down Alonáki Beach to the end and back again. Isabella and Luis were off the lead and I made sure of recovering Luis before we ran out of beach.

First Walk for everyone

Having put all but Skinny and Isabella in the van we set off for a trip up the valley alongside the dried-up river bed. We avoided the road route and walked along parallel with Alonáki Beach and then under the road bridge. From there, we took the track passing by the concrete plant and the goats. A little further on we encountered some goats which Isabella could not resist. She didn’t chase them just went for a closer inspection. She returned when I called her which was encouraging.

I’d set the second walk workout to last one hour so intended to turn back at the halfway point. We continued on a little further as it is downhill on the way back. We deviated to follow the river bed for some of the way and came out on Alonáki Beach where I let Skinny go. Isabella’s little fiend appeared soon after so all three played nicely together and ran around. Skinny was following at a distance. Isabella and I went back to the camping where I left her to go and ride my bike.

Second Walk – Skinny, Isabella and I up the valley

I headed towards Paleochora but took a detour down by the beach to see if Skinny was to be seen. I then rode into Paleochora where Yiannis was standing outside the family supermarket with some friends. He called out to me as I passed by. I’ll do my vegetable shopping tomorrow morning when the new deliveries are made. I went for a trip around the port but not right to the lighthouse, then to see the PAWS puppies of which there are now only three.

They’re still very cute but getting bigger. Two of the three.

There were fewer other dogs there too. My next visit was to the old castle which I don’t recall visiting for some while and not from the southern end anyway.

Paleochora from the castle

From the castle, back to the camping via DownTown Paleochora which was bustling at 08:45 on a Sunday morning as you can imagine…

Bike ride to Paleochora

I sat down and fell asleep for some obscure reason. A while later, I thought I’d better make some breakfast and let out the dogs as the morning was a-wasting. Morning soon turned to afternoon when I got involved with a little tidying and reorganisation. The counter area around the sink has been annoying me for a while so I set to clearing the clutter and reorganising the storage space underneath. I regularly use so little of the equipment in the cupboard that I cleaned it and stacked it under one of the benches having dispensed with some of the clutter there. For example, I have a large binder, with a broken zip, containing loads of DVDs of out-of-date software all now obsolete. I had a bit of a reorganise. At one point, I went to the reception to hand my keys over to the guy who is taking over for the summer with Maria and give the laptop to Georgia. They were busy so I quickly resumed my organising.

Other than that, I’ve done nothing all day! Now simply a matter of waiting for The Pot and we’re done! I shall not be late to bed again at this rate.


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