Hoovering up

My day began at 04:00 as Skinny had the fidgets so was fooling with Isabella on the deck. The size of those two precludes any semblance of a delicate ballet especially early in the morning. I tried to ignore them and stuck it out until 04:30 when the alarm went off.

Today’s walk was the same as the previous two only there were no FreeLoaders nor alien ships on AlonĂ¡ki Beach. There was a boat fishing very close to the shore so Luis felt it his duty to bark at it. The rest of us continued in the hope we may not be associated with Luis. Seeing how few other dogs were on the beach I don’t think the guy in the boat was fooled one little bit.

Having fed the cats, Skinny, Isabella and I set off east towards the river. There were plenty of birds squawking above and goats and sheep in the distance. We didn’t follow exactly the same route as the previous days and stuck to the main track to the west of the river. Isabella decided it was time to bark at Skinny on the way back so found herself on the lead for a while. We returned via the main road and the lane which passes Villa Memories. I’m never certain if this is a good name since it doesn’t state if the memories are good or bad. The villas look quite pleasant however the location doesn’t live up to the price tag in my view. The track is rough, there are greenhouses nearby and the beach, although near, is not as nice as Grammeno Beach.

We met Isabella’s little fiend again so I let her go so they could play together. She pretty much ignored him from then on and went off on her own. He followed Skinny and I back to the gate whereupon the pounding of hooves announced the arrival of Isabella at full speed. I closed the gate with all the right dogs on the right sides.

I went for a ride into Paleochora to see the Paws Puppies. I knew my bike’s battery was low so it was no surprise when I found myself doing a good amount of the work. The puppies were having a lie-in when I arrived and it was not until I was about to rejoin my bike did they appear to be fussed. I’d already petted a younger male who’s been there for a while. The older dogs looked on but kept their distance. I’d need some treats if I want to encourage them to be friendly.

I did a quick tour of the suburbs then headed back to the camping to let out the dogs and put on my breakfast. It was only around 08:30 by this time so I could have managed to eat my breakfast at a reasonable time had I not have fallen asleep!

The morning passed gently by interrupted by the cleaning of the Ice Machine which, as IT technical operative, I’m more qualified to do. I left it working and have been back to it a couple of times to find it making quite a bit of noise however there’s no ice at this time.

Bona was cleaning the toilets and has even done the shower/WC cubicles which are still awaiting connection to the hot and cold water and electricity. Xanthippos was in later but I don’t know what he was doing as I didn’t ask.

The others were getting on with ‘stuff’ and Georgia was lurking in T1. Why she and Lena are still there and not in the Royal Residence, I do not understand. They, and especially Mickey, are too close for comfort.

A couple of support calls from Simon punctuated the afternoon but other than that it was very quiet, even the dogs too.

The evening is now upon us and there is silence as they have not long been fed. Luis is snoring noisily to my left. My supper is in the Pot and I discovered what was hard and lumpy yesterday evening. The centre of my leek is like a rock. I’ve never seen that before but I just pushed it out and threw it away this evening. Ha! The Pot has clicked to I can put in my Cauliflower!

The river bed is the other side of the cages of rocks designed to keep the river from eroding the banks. Taken at 06:35 today.

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