Early bed

I was watching an episode of Luther which was interrupted due to WiFi problems so I decided to move the file to the computer rather than stream it from the NAS drive on the network. It was taking so long to download due to the crummy connection that I lost the will to live so tidied up and went to bed. It was just after 21:00.

I while ago, I found a phone which Antonis kindly posted on the Paleochora lost&found site. Nothing happened for a while but the owner finally contacted him to reclaim the phone. Antonis was coming the previous day to collect it but was unavoidably detained. Last night he appeared at 21:40 to collect the phone however I was asleep so the poor sod was standing outside the gate not daring to make a noise lest the dogs should bark. As it happened, only Charlie was outside as the others were in with me there being a chilly wind and the delicate little flowers didn’t wish to remain outside. I slept on and Antonis departed.

I went to bed because I was falling asleep but it’s never a very good idea to go too early as I find I sleep better for a shorter time. I know that sounds absurd but it’s what works for me. At 02:50 I was awoken by ratty clodhoppers on the roof above my head and doggy disruption within so went outside with a torch to scare any invaders away. I certainly didn’t wish for any ratty cable-chewing as my recently-installed solar panels are up there too. No damage could be seen and any rodent disappeared. Isabella chose my activity to relocate outside and Charlie swapped places coming inside. I went back to sleep until just before my 04:30 alarm.

The Early Walk was almost a replica of the previous day except that Oskar was allowed to go walkabout on the beach with Luis and Isabella. I find that Luis and Fido get into mischief together as do Oskar and Charlie. Luis and Oskar seem to behave and return as expected.

The second walk was to the valley again although slightly longer by a couple of hundred metres. The return was interrupted by a van charging up the road to shatter the morning quiet. There is work going on and the service road is regularly used. I could see signs of heavy machines moving around and freshly moved earth.

I left for a westerly ride to Krios via the greenhouses where I met up with Gregor and his dogs. I’d not seen them for a few days so lots of tummy-rubbing was in order. We chatted about this and that. Gregor tells me he has Lau’s electric bike which leads me to believe Lau is soon to head back to Holland for the summer. I then left to go back to the camping for a shower and some breakfast. I foolishly forgot to check the water pressure before getting under the shower as there was insufficient pressure for the hot water. I couldn’t be bothered to wait until later so had a cold shower instead.

I let out the dogs and fed them and prepared my breakfast. The sun was warming up nicely by this time so I amused myself whilst waiting for my breakfast to cook.

Breakfast was followed by some relaxation in the sun and some gentle server maintenance and research. The afternoon became a little windier and I played with my Comms box and sorted out the WiFi access point with the cats looking on.

The cats appear forever hungry at present as I seem to be perpetually feeding them. I only give them a very small amount else others come after they’ve gone and gobble it up. There was a large ginger cat sitting waiting patiently this morning at 06:00 when I fed them before going out. He helped himself once they left I’m sure but at least is hopefully not as aggressive as the other large cat.

Work goes on in the camping but I just let them get on with it. They were dealing with leaves today and there has been a fair amount of activity around the bar and kitchen. Mickey has been to visit on a couple of occasions and the new Reception Guy’s dog is an insecure girl who barks quite a bit. It will be interesting to see how things settle down once customers start to arrive.

Relocated WiFi access point. In its previous position, it was prone to battering by the carob tree and pussy interference. They would rub themselves on the two antennae which yielded by design but then stopped transmitting optimally. The new configuration incorporates a metal pole to raise the AP (Access Point) above the fence so technically out of pussy-rubbing range. Only time will tell if the upgraded and uprated facility performs as expected. The other ‘wire’ in the image is the end of the washing line and has nothing to do with WiFi.

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