Second warmest day of the year

I woke before the alarm so was ready to go when it went off a few minutes later. It was a perfectly still morning but also quite warm as we headed over the field for the first walk. Two cars were parked in the beach car park however we didn’t encounter any FreeLoaders lurking on the Promontory.… Read the rest

New SunBlocker

Fido and I got up for a wee at 02:50 so I took the opportunity to check that I’d turned off the neighbours’ watering tap. The weather has been hot and windy so their plants are in need of a drink. I went back to bed until the alarm at 04:30.

It was easier getting up today as there was no wind and it was cooler.… Read the rest

Lazy Sunday

The wind buffeted the van and the carob branches played a merry tune against the sheet metal roof. Not as interesting as the Phantom Violinist of Kilimani but musical nonetheless. My slumber were disturbed by a particularly strong gust so I woke up for a while but soon got back to sleep. The inside and outside dogs were silent and motionless.… Read the rest

Windy but warm

FreeLoaders with a dog littered the Big Beach on the Promontory so our visit was briefer than usual. Skinny was unusually vocal so their sleep was disturbed – sorry!. We headed off for a detour and then back to pick up the three parked at the top to be overtaken by Kostas who was there for salt.… Read the rest

More power (to the people)

Isabella wanted to go out at 04:10: I tried to convince here to wait until 04:30 but I suspect she wanted to play with Obi and Skinny outside on the decking. The door of the van closed in the night making it too warm despite no sheet and just my mosquito net which does trap the heat.… Read the rest


As predicted, I didn’t feel hungry so nibbled on a couple of rusks and some fruit then retired to my boudoir around 22:15 having watched some vintage Hill Street Blues.

The morning bounced into action with some bouncy dogs helping me to get my socks and boots on. Charlie was still in the largest of the houses which he seems to have adopted as his preferred sleeping location.… Read the rest

More networking

Isabella, Skinny and Luis are ‘playing’ noisily and energetically on the decking as their food is too hot to eat so is cooling in their bowls. Their food is too hot because I’ve been busy today with more networking. The networking part of the day began around 07:20 after the dogs had been walked. My plan was to remove all of the clutter from the central data box which is on one of the posts that hold up the roof over the bar and restaurant areas.… Read the rest

Cable in the bar

There was a disturbance in the night but I don’t recall why. Isabella and Skinny were inside and I discovered Oskar was outside when I thought he was in. It’s not such a good idea to leave Oskar out all night as he makes a noise which might explain the disturbance.

Our walks were a copy of the day before except that Isabella was let off the lead for a while until she kept ‘attacking’ the others causing more bother than having her on the lead.… Read the rest

It lives!

I was less than happy at the thought of my laptop being dead. Yes, it has done over six years but it wasn’t the planned changeover I would have liked. It was later when I finally went in to eat so I had time for an episode of series four of Poldark and a quick Open All Hours to finish off with.… Read the rest

Summer Solstice

It was only just today as it occurred at 00:42 so your solstice would have been yesterday. From here on, it’s all downhill to winter! What a bundle of joy I am?

The elephants were on the decking around 04:00 today and were invited, quite bluntly, to desist which they did. One of the elephants then crashed through the van door gate to come inside to say hello to everyone.… Read the rest


Only Fido, Luis and Oskar slept inside as the others behave nicely and don’t make a racket during the night unless under extenuating circumstances. I was rewatching another episode of Foyle’s War so ended up going to bed around 23:00 which is late for me! The night passed quickly without interruption as I snored away in my insect tent.… Read the rest

SunBlockers to the fore!

The baton was passed back to Fido who needed a wee somewhere around 03:00 to my great joy. Skinny, Charlie, Obi and Isabella had elected to remain outside as had Oskar who grabbed the opportunity to return within as Fido went out. It was not long before Fido got me up again to come back in.… Read the rest

We’ll meet again? Goodbye Vera (103)

Antonis brought me some aubergines and peppers last night. He’d sent me a message asking for me to meet him at the camping entrance but I’d not see it so he came calling. Very thoughtful.

I watched the episode of The Crown which was centred on the Aberfan disaster and the way the Government and Crown dealt with it.… Read the rest

New food for Isabella

The elephants were on the decking at 03:00. I was displeased so told them this. I wasn’t late to bed last night so waking up a little early wasn’t too much of a problem. I managed to get back to sleep quickly and the elephants were, themselves asleep when it came to getting-up time. There was a little wind and, at one point, I was even considering a light fleece but was walking over the field when I remembered.… Read the rest

Darth Vader

I went to the office to collect my latest Chinese orders to find I’d received three packages. One was the cycling mask I ordered remembering the amount of dust kicked up by vehicles during the roadworks last summer. Some of the road has been surfaced and I still hope the section outside the camping heading east and west will be tarmacked in the not too distant future.… Read the rest


When looking in the restaurant camera before bed, I noticed a gathering of staff with feasting and audible music. Audible as in I could hear it from my place too. The feasting and partying went into the night as there was still activity and voices as I was getting up at 04:30.

I had to go out to turn off the insect fryer as it was murdering most of the insect population of Kountoura and Grammeno.… Read the rest

Very busy Sunday pm

Skinny, Obi and Charlie were outside last night and I had the van door open to let in some air. I have a fan going 24/7 which blows in the direction of the rear seating area as it stops the dogs from panting so much. The insect door is hanging on but has quite a few holes so any determined insect would probably manage to get in.… Read the rest

Hardly invaded

There were voices as I came out onto the decking at around 04:35. They appeared to be coming from somewhere within the camping. This is my time of the day so everyone else should be tucked up with teddy, snug in their little beds, not out annoying me!

There was a solo car in the beach car park so I was on the lookout for jolly campers but found none despite coving most of the Promontory during our two sweeps.… Read the rest

Fido needs a watch!

I watched the final episode of season two of Luther last night. All good fun stuff and absolutely no violence!

Fido needs a watch as he woke me up again at 04:00 to go for a pee. I went back to sleep until he demanded to come back in again a short while later. At least my brain was operational when the alarm sounded at 04:30.… Read the rest

Pour Encourager Les Autres!

Fido couldn’t wait until 04:30 so had to go out at 04:00 so I got up at 04:15 as I didn’t see the point in lingering. We were out for our walk on time despite Luis who felt it necessary to peer out of the gate into the camping whilst all of the others were by the filed gate and ready to go.… Read the rest

Skinny training

There is nothing significant to report about the previous evening other than it was quiet and I wasn’t late to bed. The only interruption during the night was Fido needing a pee around stupid o’clock but I’d almost forgotten about it anyway.

We walked up the Promontory and then down Alonáki Beach and back to the camping.… Read the rest

All very quiet today

So relaxing to wander out to the loo and not have to encounter people. No chatter, singing, laughing or yapping dogs. Perfect – until the weekend it seems but to a lesser extent. Earlier, I went to look at Georgia’s WiFi to discover it had been unplugged from the mains in favour of Lena’s laptop. Ha!… Read the rest


Singing, clapping, dancing and music accompanied my Sunday evening meal. The natives were lively but the good news it that they or at least most of them, will depart as quickly as they arrived and peace will hopefully reign. The neighbours quietened down at a reasonable hour so one mustn’t complain. Isabella got bored around 03:00 so decided she needed to go out of the van for a wander.… Read the rest

A longer walk

Saturday evening was a lively affair as I’d acquired noisy neighbours with a pair of small, yappy, dogs. It appeared to be a group of friends all camped near to me. My dogs were very well contained considering all of the racket from the other side of the fence, both human and canine. We were pretty chilled and eventually retired to bed at around 22:00.… Read the rest

D-Day +76

The excitement of clean sheets and an evening shower caused me to dissolve into a deep sleep which even blocked out the buffeting of the wind on the tent outside. Luckily, I’d managed to get the Sail Shade up otherwise it might have been a different story. The alarm dragged me from a profound sleep so it took a couple of minutes for me to decide who, where and what I was.… Read the rest

Sail Shade up!

It was Isabella who needed to go out this morning and then back in and out again! There she stayed as I booted her out for the second time. In fairness, it was around 04:00 so not the end of the world as it was nearly getting up time anyway.

The latter part of the night was a little chilly so I had to reach for a blanket eventually.… Read the rest

Full moon

Yesterday evening was not terribly peaceful. I got most of the dogs inside but left Charlie out. Big mistake as there were quite a few barky noises off from various other camping-resident dogs. At one point, there was a greater disturbance which caused Skinny to take himself off over the van door half-gate and out over the compound fence to investigate.… Read the rest


Skinny was good to go at 03:00 when I woke up for some reason. I only have to move around and he’s standing next to my bed with his paws up on the edge. I’m just glad I have a bed which is up high otherwise I might wake up to find him snuggled up next to me.… Read the rest

Goodbye Alex

Luis decided not to join us for the first walk this morning so was left behind in the van to gather his strength. I imagine he kept reasonably quiet. As a consequence, we managed to complete the first walk in fifty-four minutes, some fifteen minutes quicker than the previous day. It would be good if Luis could manage to walk more speedily with the others or reliably follow everyone else without getting distracted by diversions into the camping.… Read the rest

We are open!

Only Isabella and Obi were outside last night so no doggy dancing on the decking early this morning. The night was warmer with a low of 18℃ so getting up was easy as there was no wind either.

The little group of cars and vans are still parked in the Grammeno Beach car park however there were no signs of FreeLoaders on the Promontory.… Read the rest