We are open!

Only Isabella and Obi were outside last night so no doggy dancing on the decking early this morning. The night was warmer with a low of 18℃ so getting up was easy as there was no wind either.

The little group of cars and vans are still parked in the Grammeno Beach car park however there were no signs of FreeLoaders on the Promontory. Indeed, our presence there was very brief. The pebble beach section was relatively slow as everyone wanted to sniff at everything so I was beginning to wonder if we’d make it back before lunchtime.

We finally did and then set off for the second walk after the pussies were fed. The same group as for the past few days but this time Isabella was equipped with one of the remote training collars. She was on the lead until we arrived at the valley as we’re still at the training phase of the operation.

The name of the game was to prevent Isabella from getting into mischief whilst allowing her to be off the lead. It’s difficult to get her attention if she’s running after a group of goats however the remote trainer allows me to get her attention and hopefully redirect her back to me. I watched an interesting Youtube video the other day so tried out the technique this morning. There were no sheep nearby but a cat escaped Isabella’s attention as did the goats penned up near to the concrete works. She was in the river bed and suddenly ran up the other side as far as the gate to the compound where the goats are corralled. The goats, understandably, were perturbed but I was keeping an eye on her with my trusty remote control to hand. She was indecisive as to whether to heed my requests however the stimulation from the remote collar convinced her that compliance might be a better option. She bounded back down the bank, across the bed of the river and up the other side back to me.

Further on, there was a cat but I was keeping watch so was able to prevent Isabella from running after the cat. She remained off the lead all the way back to the camping however we kept well away from the location where the sheep were grazing the other day. Luis did well too. He managed to keep up despite being distracted by some putrid matter further down the track. I turned around to see him racing at full speed to catch us up. It seems strange as he’s such a wimp when we’re out on the Promontory with the others. A seed in between his toes and it’s the end of the world.

Luis demolishing a piece of goat skin. The goat is no longer in it. Luis had carried the goat skin for a while but was concerned about stopping in case he should be left behind.

I wanted to put the second coat of teak oil on the decking as it was wet on Sunday morning due to the rain. I also needed to get into Petrakis as the fridge was extremely bare. I tied Isabella up on an even shorter line to prevent her from straying onto the decking whilst it was wet. I did my painting then set off for Paleochora on my bike. My shopping was completed and I was back at the same spot in forty-five minutes.

Charlie and Isabella on the newly-recoated decking respecting Social Distancing.

I unloaded the bike panniers, fed the dogs and prepared my breakfast. I had a couple of IT jobs that required my attention which I completed whilst my breakfast was cooking. There were some support requests from Isla at EG and also Simon. The day was busy enough without becoming too demanding.

It was a warm day with a high of 27.3℃, higher than the forecast. It is the first of June so the day the camping officially opens. It seems a long time since the camping closed at the end of March. I’m not sure there are any customers although some tents have been erected to make it look as though the place is not deserted. I popped in to see Reception Guy as the Internet connection had fallen over in response to a power cut. With my setup, I only know about the power going off when the Internet connection is interrupted as this travels over the camping network which is not protected by backup power supplies.

The Pot is psyching itself up to cook my supper which tonight consists of cabbage and potato amongst other items. I’d planned to put in some peas but there was no room left for them. The cabbage will shrink down but there will be enough anyway. There was a fine array of fresh vegetables at Petrakis this morning so I bought spinach, a cabbage and a cauliflower. Nearly all of my shopping was vegetables.

I met Dimitris as I emerged from the loo earlier. He was carrying a big bag of ice cubes to the bar. It would seem the ice maker is working again. He mentioned there would be some alcohol-free beer at the bar tomorrow… I still have a six-pack left by Ursula when they were here in February.

The bar and restaurant area looks good with its Socially-Distanced tables and chairs. The wc/showers moved in January are now functional as I used the loo and had a shower in one of them last night. The new showers have doors which appear to be functioning as expected. There has been a lot of raking today so the camping is looking good. There are sunbeds and umbrellas out in front of Ammos Beach Bar and on Alonáki Beach. All lined up with the sunbeds at the prescribed distances. All we need is some punters to use the facilities…

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