Goodbye Alex

Luis decided not to join us for the first walk this morning so was left behind in the van to gather his strength. I imagine he kept reasonably quiet. As a consequence, we managed to complete the first walk in fifty-four minutes, some fifteen minutes quicker than the previous day. It would be good if Luis could manage to walk more speedily with the others or reliably follow everyone else without getting distracted by diversions into the camping.

Luis accompanied Isabella and Skinny on the second walk which was slightly further but still up the valley. We encountered no sheep/goats or other extraneous creatures including cats.

Looking South down the valley. What looks like water is, in fact, stones which have been bulldozed as part of river management activities. There is water but it’s not visible as it’s currently flowing under the surface of the bed.

It was a very pleasant walk which concluded by retracing our steps from earlier and walking close to the sea. Isabella and Luis were off the lead except for the initial part of the walk from the camping to the valley. Isabella tried to go on an extra trot along the beach but I called her and, with a little additional persuasion, she came back to me as required. Two quite satisfactory walks with the training collar so far.

I disappeared off to Paleochora via the Grammeno Beach glass recycling bin. My aim was just to cruise around as I did my shopping the previous day. I rode down to the port and back to see the PAWS dogs. There were the four puppies which look bigger each time I go there. Another dog, which previously wasn’t up for petting decided this was the day so occupied a lot of my visit. The puppies concentrated on chewing through my boot laces and generally chewing everything they deemed chewable. I eventually extricated myself and continued my tour through DownTown Paleochora via the beachfront. Such excitement! From there back to the camping through the dust and roadworks with a little diversion to Kountoura just to see if it was still there. I might have gone on to Krios but I’d left my phone at the camping and my watch was low on battery as, without the phone nearby, it must work a lot harder during outdoor workouts. So I turned back and let out the doggies.

Litsa sent a message to say she couldn’t see her camera so I went to investigate. There was a power outage the previous day which I suspect might have had something to do with the camera going offline. A quick reboot and we were good to go, so I went back to feed the dogs and prepare my breakfast.

There were some IT tasks to catch up with so I got on with them. The smell of cooking sheep later permeated the environment and a quick inspection via the gate camera showed Μιχάλησ blasting air at a BBQ toasting a sheep! I later discovered the event is Alex leaving to perform his National Service for nine months. I was invited to the momentous event which took place in the restaurant. Fortunately for me, there was some virtually cheese-free briam from the previous day and lots of salad. I had spinach and something else lined up for supper but that will wait for another day now. The stalks of the spinach went in the Doggy Dinners.

I’m told the camping will be well attended during the coming Holiday Weekend however the remainder of the month is likely to be a bit thin on the ground. The bulk of the Greeks come in July and August and May and June are usually occupied by foreigners. As there are no foreigners, except those who were here over the winter…

Following the shindig, I returned to the dogs which have been a little strung-out all day. Considering how far Isabella and Skinny walked this morning… There are storms around as there has been distant lightning for the past two mornings. The storms are probably 100km away over the sea. Something is upsetting the Force as all the dogs in the camping have been almost equally trying all day.

I’d not removed the DDs from the pot so needed to get them cooling down in time for their suppers. Luis played with Isabella energetically and then Skinny played with her even more energetically with plenty of cavorting on the decking. Finally, the DDs cooled down sufficiently so I was able to feed them. It was easier this evening as three dogs were in the van reducing the crowd outside. I fed Skinny first as he often gets left until last. Within a short time the dogs were full of food having stuffed their faces and calmer. Oskar has found himself banished inside as he’s been rather vocal today. In retrospect, I should have stuck them in the SDC and be done with it due to the extramural activity of the cooking sheep in close proximity to the main compound.

I should go for a shower once I place most of the dogs in the van. I shall probably partake of some oranges later seeing as I have an abundance.


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