Full moon

Yesterday evening was not terribly peaceful. I got most of the dogs inside but left Charlie out. Big mistake as there were quite a few barky noises off from various other camping-resident dogs. At one point, there was a greater disturbance which caused Skinny to take himself off over the van door half-gate and out over the compound fence to investigate. I went out shortly afterwards but he wasn’t in the mood for coming back and I was not about to waste time with him so I left him out there. Shortly after, Georgia called from over the fence to ask if the white dog was with me. I went round to reacquire him whereupon Georgia enlightened me regarding the current status for the weekend. She tells me it’s going to be very busy and the camping is supposed only to have a maximum of around one hundred punters at one time. Considering we were up to nearly four hundred last summer, it’s a bit of a hardship. Making money with only a small number might be rather difficult so I expect she might have to be a little creative with the numbers. I retrieved Skinny then went back to finish my supper.

It was lovely to see the moon just above the horizon at 04:50 as we walked across the Big Beach today. The moon’s contribution wasn’t very effective as it was soon to set. It gets light quite early now anyway. I deposited Luis and Oskar as soon as we reached the dog parking location and continued with the others. They began to wane after a couple of laps so I gathered them all up to go back to the camping. I decided to take Luis and Fido on the second walk again today but may do something different tomorrow as they both seemed to be struggling a little. We ran into a couple of dogs as we were descending into the dry valley so there was a little barking until I got things under control. I don’t think the nearby villas are let at present so no harm done.

We walked about 6km uneventfully other than running into a beleaguered eagle near the end of the valley. It appeared to be injured but was walking around. The dogs when to inspect but soon came back to me so we carried on. No large machines today so we continued onto the beach and to the water’s edge where we walked along parallel with the sea until we clambered up the shingle to the road and back across the field to the compound. Luis and Fido appeared to be struggling a little so maybe tomorrow I’ll take Charlie or even no additions at all.

Once back, I fed the cats then headed off towards Krios. There I found Gregor and his dogs. We talked about the eagle and Gregor showed me some photos of many eagles circling above the mountains. When the weather is poor in winter, the birds migrate to the lower peaks so appear perhaps to be more numerous. I fussed the dogs and then left to go back to the valley to see if the bird was still about. I looked around but was unable to see it so went back to the camping.

After breakfast I started configuring the camera given to me last night and ordered for inside the reception office. I had already ordered one from China but it’s not going to be here soon enough as everything seems to be taking an age to be delivered at present. Delivery is ‘free’ so not particularly rapid at the best of times but now is something like eight weeks!

Between various distractions, the camera took quite a chunk of the day. I can get it to talk to the iPhone app and see it is the browser but I need it to connect to the NVR video recorder which is not quite so simple. There are plenty of ‘cheapish’ IP cameras from China and they all seem to use their own app to set themselves up. They are really intended for personal, home use and not as part of a more complicated configuration. There is often a problem with instructions which are often in Chinlish or completely lacking. I’m trying to make the device do something different, there’s a distinct lack of useful information so I’m using trial and error.

One thing I have discovered is that the camera I set up for Litsa over the weekend is still attached to the camping recorder so viewable via the main application. I can see her camera on the camera’s app but don’t really want to fill my phone up with loads of different configuration and viewing apps.

The doggies have enjoyed the latest in the line of Doggy Dinners. I put it together for them earlier in the afternoon. There was a little raw cabbage left so Isabella obligingly ate it up for me. She’s quite an omnivorous animal and happily eats apple, banana and things usually rejected by many dogs.

It’s been another warm day with a high of 25.9℃. Tomorrow should see the beginning of the invasion for the Holiday Weekend so the place will liven up at least for the weekend. I might even encounter some old faces.

It’s getting a lot cooler and my supper is ready so I’m going in to eat it.


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