Sail Shade up!

It was Isabella who needed to go out this morning and then back in and out again! There she stayed as I booted her out for the second time. In fairness, it was around 04:00 so not the end of the world as it was nearly getting up time anyway.

The latter part of the night was a little chilly so I had to reach for a blanket eventually. Probably the reason why Isabella woke up and wanted a wander. I needed to get my washing in the machine before the customers arrived for the weekend so I was a little later getting the dogs out for the walk.

I parked all but Obi, Skinny and Isabella at the parking place then did a couple of circuits with them. We were back in good time so I took the washing out of the machine and hung up the sheets and larger items.

We set off for the second walk around 06:20, this time with Charlie as the extra body. Fido and Luis didn’t seem bothered at being put into the van and have remained reasonably relaxed for most of the day. More than I can say for Oskar however. He’s currently locked in one of the houses!

The walk was without incident other than the maroon van which passed us the other day came up the valley with a couple of blokes in it working further up I should imagine. The driver gave a cheery wave as he passed. We went down the valley to the sea and walked along. Charlie was rather late at getting back to the gate and I discovered why when he came near enough for me to smell him. He’d obviously found something fishy and smelly to roll in. Yummy! He’s been in the SDC all day and will be staying there all night too. Wind or no wind!

I put him in the SDC and set of for Paleochora to see the PAWS puppies as the goal for my ride. I’ll do the shopping tomorrow. The puppies are less numerous with only two girls and one boy remaining.

Attacking my shoes
The dog who wasn’t friendly but now is.
Very fearful dog which stays away.

From the puppies, I returned to the camping via the progressing roadworks which were slightly less of a nightmare than on the way out. But only marginally. So far, the works are past Hotel Megim and passing in front of the rather tatty place with rooms to rent. They are moving on with it so cannot complain about a few delays I suppose.

After breakfast, I spent time messing around with that annoying camera trying to get it to move via the software which displays all of the other cameras. It wasn’t having any of it so I’ve decided it’s incompatible. There are so many different cameras and they don’t stick to the ONVIF protocol so it’s hardly surprising there are incompatibility problems.

There were also various support calls requiring a chat with Barbara in Melbourne.

The afternoon became windier so I consulted the wind forecasting program to discover it will be quite windy tomorrow so I set about putting the Sail Shade back on its frame. I took it down when Antonis was welding and was quite enjoying the nice view of the mountains anyway. I bought some new rope so started putting it up. It took rather longer than I expected so Doggy Dinners were a little delayed. Good for the character.

With the shade now back in position, there’s a lot less wind as it really does make a lot of difference.

I’ve been for a lovely hot shower in the WC/shower combinations. There are punters around and I feel sorry for them as the weather is less than hospitable. It looks like it might even rain!

My supper is finishing off in the pot. Lentils and cauliflower tonight. I said it would be windy tomorrow!


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